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A short cycle, expertise help on dbol and primo

I need your advice on a short cycle, 2 weeks on 4 weeks of. I was thinking of doing 600mg primobolan day 1 and then no more primobolan(don’t have any more, cant get any). I was also to do 40-50mg dbol/day for 2 weeks, and clomid 50mg EOD. And 50mg ED or EOD day 15-19. Do U think that the primo will do any help?
My stats: H: 181-182cm BW: 84kg: (1kg=2.2lb) BF%: 12%
Really would need your expertise, Thanks!

Sure, the Primo will help some, just not
as much as it could at a higher dose.

You’re being really weak on the Clomid use.

I don’t know anyone who’s been really happy
with a Dianabol-only 2 week cycle, which is
almost what yours is (the Primo will help
some though, enough so the combination will
give you reasonable results.) Actually better
results are had with max dose Androsol as the
only steroid used than with 50 mg/day Dianabol,
but as it is, when I say the Androsol is equal
to that amount of Dianabol, apparently some
people take a lot of offense to that and
assume I am exaggerating :frowning:

But it’s true, because Dianabol alone is not
that great. It is a great addition though
when you have a good Class I steroid going.

Now when it comes to stacking, I think the
Androsol does no better than that amount
of Dianabol. The different I suppose is that
when stacking, the fact that you also get
high-normal levels of testosterone (from
partial conversion of 4-AD) is not very relevant, since you’ve got way more Class
I steroid from injections than what that
amounts to. But in the Androsol-only vs.
Dianabol-only scenarios, having equal
Class II (non androgen receptor) activity
either way, but having the high-normal T levels
with Androsol vs. suppressed T levels with the Dianabol, gives the advantage to the Androsol.

My question is very similar - I wonder “which Test is the best” for that kind of cycle? And do I have to stack it with d-ball - You know: I like this stuff.

Adam, for a short cycle, testosterone propionate is the only really appropriate
choice, but it’s possible to use 750 mg
of enanthate or Sustanon on Day 1, if that’s
the only injectable used. This by itself
won’t be much of a cycle but combined with
orals, it can help a lot.

Thanks Bill for Your help - I’ve got one more question: could You please give me some more tips for this cycle - I’m going to start it within 2-3 weeks and I need more information!