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A Serious First Cycle

Ok guys, here it is…straight to the point.

23 years young, 185lbs, lifting for 8 years, been serious for 4.

Bench- 335lbs
squat- 435lbs
dead- 525lbs

There’s my stats out the door, now you know.

OK so I have access to limited selection of gear.

EQ, Test E, HCG, Clomid

This will be a first cycle. I would like the best combination of those to obtain maximum results… downside… i haven’t found an AI yet… but i don’t plan on running shit till bout May, so I’ll be on the look out.

I was planning on running a 10 week cycle of Test E at 800mg a week all the way through. I want to take advantage of my first cycle.

Now how much EQ should I run for how long? That is my biggest question.

I was gunna pin HCG 2 times a week. But again the question remains how much to take? I’ve heard to keep my balls working to take it through the cycle. Also heard to take it between cycle and PCT… again. I don’t know that’s why I’m asking

Finally PCT… should I use clomid or wait and try to get my hands on Nolva?

Please hit me up with info or opinions. Or how I can make This better… or peperhaps even convince me to run Test Only.

Ready set, Blast

Unless your willing to run a absolute minimum of 12 weeks then don’t use EQ. EQ is a extremely slow building up drug and if you can’t run it for a bare minimum of 10 weeks I would not run it. I personally don’t think you need as much but if it was MD and I could go back my first cycle would be 750-1000mg of Test for 15 weeks and the equal dose in EQ for 13 weeks.

If you do not have access to AIs then do not run this cycle.

Thank you for your advice. So perhaps run 800mg-1g of Test for 12-14 weeks with the EQ all the way through? And wait to run it until I find arimidex? Also… i revised my post… i can get clomid, but I’ve heard much better things with Nolva… opinion?

If you can get Nolva I highly suggest staying away from clomid. Stuff made me a emotional wreck. As for EQ you need to stop it 2 weeks before you stop the test. It takes longer to clear your system than the Test does.