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A Scream


Did you, pay attention? Did you, take a glance? Did you, care?

When no one will hear your, screams. When your, screams are pushed to the limit. Will they, finally listen?

A young man's screams in Cleveland, Ohio were pushed to the limit, on Oct. 10, 2007.

A young man, who screamed he was different, screamed for acceptance, screamed to protect himself, screamed of how hard his life had become. A young man who screamed. The World around him, was pushing his screams to the limit.

May G-d, bless the ones who were in the face of the screams limit. May G-d, bless us all and open our hearts to listen to the screams.

How many screams, have to be screamed before someone will listen?


What kind of crap is this?


An artistic viewpoint on the recent school shooting i think.


I think he's talking about the school shooting in Cleveland.

All that "scream" shit is just 20/20 hindsight, a sort of "woulda, coulda, shoulda, what-if" scenario that happens after any tragic event. "If only we knew about ?????? we could have stopped it!"

The sad truth is, things like this can never be stopped. Go rent the movie, "Elephant" by Gus Van Sant, for a unique perspective on school shooters and victims. It goes one better than "Bowling for Columbine"


Fuck that asshole shooting up a school. I am glad he is dead and I am glad he didn't kill anyone else.


Something, I got from my 16yr.old, last night. A kid in a High School in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio went on a shooting rampage.

G-d only knows why. The kid took his own life. Lucky, there were no other deaths.

Like it or not, I could care. To me, it is a unique take from someone who has yet live. Being only he is only 16


Your kid sounds very confused. I would get all the guns out of the house and try to help him if I were in your position. Good luck and I hope he turns out ok.


Artistic + school shooting = oxymoron. That was my original point.

Did you know Hitler was an artist?




Btw, as we clown on about the whole thing.

The kid is a little richard, who shot up the place because he got suspened.

But, I have to ask. When u, were a little richard. Who stood up. I workout today, because someone who most of you would call an asshole. Stood up.

Neither here nor there. The kid needed a swift kick in the ass to get going in the right direction. I seriously, doubt his parents would have been willing or wanting to do.


Being 'different' isn't all that bad. When I would complain as a child about my life's problems, my Dad would offer to take me to a burn unit in a hospital. It is funny how quickly your perspective can change.


My kid is an hell of an artist, as, well as, a boxer and baseball player. As for being confused. Do tell me how enlighten, and grounded you were as a teenager. Or do you two clowns just get off being assholes


I don't think anyone on here is clowning.


  1. Art doesn't justify hurting other people.

  2. We are doing ourselves (society) a disservice by trying to understand the 'feelings' or a violent criminal.

  3. My parents kept me in line.

  4. Michael Vick and OJ were great at sports, also. I don't see how someone being good at something makes their opinions valid.

  5. We aren't being assholes. We are being honest.


I am totally serious. Writing a poem sympathetic to a school shooter is a cry for help. Heed it.


Hmmm. Either he was paraphrasing his son's writing or the misuse of commas is hereditary in their family. Hmmm.


I think that was a goodhearted poem. Naive, but I see no glorifying.


I was thinking the same thing. This guy has awful grammar for someone with a 16 year old kid. Do people in their 30's or 40's really use u instead of you?


When are we as a society going to tell these demented little shits to knock of their bullet spraying tantrums and grow the fuck up?

Screams? No one should listen to screams, unless they are followed by a swift slap to the head and told to man up and quit their stupid screaming.

The only thing that this last decade of "what about THE CHILDREN" and "we must do this FOR THE CHILDREN" bullshit has created is a bunch of kids with a high sense of entitlement and some very thin skin.

All of this emotional nurturing shit has gone too far. Kids need to be told to shut the fuck up until they have something to say. They need some callous.


glorification of shooting is not what he is doing. what he is doing is trying to make sense of the senseless. the question si why does a teenager shoot up a school for just being suspended?

as for grammer, clean it up if u, don't like it. or, simply just pass it. either or!

now, excuse me illuminated ones. i have to go to work and pay the bill that kill.