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A Sambo Warmup Vid I Found...

Here is a sambo warmup vid I found.

We used to do most of the first part at one of the judo gyms I used to go to.
this was pretty typical of the better gym I went to
I remember my neck ached after doing some of this.

part two has some drills

thanks for looking


Sick vids. Sambo is definitely more physical than BJJ. Hard to find a sambo school, though.

Thanks K. Like you said, I’ve done most of those drills too, but there was few I hadn’t seen before. Always learning something new here…

I didn’t see this one drill one of my grappling partners does. He’s a former Sombo world champion, so he does shit that just makes my jaw drop. He’ll bridge up, then hop back and forth using only his head as the “fulcrum”… yeah, his neck is like as thick as my legs, lol…


Thanks for posting.