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A Sad Day for Men Everywhere...


Askmen.com makes a list of the top 49 men of 2007

what was i doing on that god forsaken website? who knows. but here's the link http://ca.askmen.com/specials/2007_top_49/index.html

enough said.


Are you sad because you didn't make the list?


What a piece of shit list; how did I know that some site called "ask men" would include actors in their list.






Ahhh. I feel a bit better now. Thanks for that.


After reading that, I felt compelled to watch once again the K-1 fight between Peter "The Dutch Lumberjack" Aerts vs. Bob Sapp.

It's 58 kinds of awesome.


If you wear flannel to the ring, you have to be a badass. Also when Bernardo said Jesus would guide him to another victory over Aerts, Aerts came out with "666" printed on the front of his shorts and knocked him out at around 1 minute of round one.

He probably has the most impressive highlight reel in all of combat sports:


He's so fucking awkward and lumbering, but he just runs right at people and kills them.


Yep, the only other guys I have seen wear flannel are Filho, and Mick Foley. Mick may be a pro wrestler, but he always put his body in danger for the show.

And where's Fedor on that list?


Mariusz is badass. I once saw him on TV in a competition moving rocks, doing famer's walk, viking press etc. He made all the other competitors, which were world class elites, look like little girls compared to his extreme strength.