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A-S Promotions??

planning on dishing out $1000 for A-S (20ml sachet site) gear. my question is does this site always have a different promotions? there current promotion ends on the 30th and with 1000 bones i will get 10 free prop and 3 free cyp. should i hold out and hope there next promotion (if any) is better?

also worst case scenerio i get busted by customs for ordering this $1000 shipment (around 5000 dollor street value of juice) what kind of sentence am i looking at? if it helps, i live in Canada.


I’ve been on a different forum, new to this one. So I’m not new to gear and such.
One thing I’ve read is to order only what you need for your next cycle. A large order may attract unnecessary attention. I understand the attraction of getting a discount with a large order.
That’s my 2 p. Good luck.