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A Rugby League Players Strength

If only we could see this guys numbers…

Am I the only one who gets slightly pissed when someone says something to the effect of “I don’t know where my strength comes from?” A guy I work with was benching 365lbs for reps after a month of taking up lifting, and just is naturally a huge person. I just don’t understan how some people can just get that big and strong without it being their goal and working hard as hell towards it.

/End rant

I think the fact that bench press numbers are all thats generally talked about in rugby circles when it comes to training is the most revealing thing.

Im not knocking bench pressing or its worth for a rugby player, however id be more interested to see what these guys could deadlift or squat.

Ye, I know but have you noticed these sportsman never talk about deadlifts and squats.

Im not sure whether its because they dont do them often (which seems unlikely) or whether they just do see them as important.

I know for a fact that quins RL front squat, clean and so a lot of single leg stuff and id imagine this is fairly typical.