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A Routine to Grow Strength and Size?


I've been working out for the past year and a half and it's been mainly isolation exercises + bench press. I've learned a lot but I know my routine is not setup ideally for growth and size.

Recently I started working out chins into the mix and those are starting to become fairly easy at 8 reps x3 sets.

I'm a fairly tall guy (over 6ft) and I'm known to have lower back sciatica. I've tried deadlifts in the past and I irritated my back and couldn't walk for a week. I probably did it wrong.

I really want to get stronger and be a bit bigger. Is my only option deadlift and squat?

Will I be able to get over my back pain by working it out?

Suggested routine I should do 3x a week?



You are trying to do what, exactly? Look like a body builder? Look up "3 day weight lifting routine" on google and pick one of the thousands if you are just trying to get stronger and be a bit bigger.

Squats and Deadlifts are not your only option, although they will help more than most exercises due to their demanding nature and the load you can lift.


That's cool, don't do any research yourself.

Get the fuck out of here, find a few programs that look decent at first glance, come back and ask targeted, intelligent questions.



I have been doing research. You're the douche-nozzle with that attitude. Asshole.

I'm asking questions specifically regarding concerns on my bad lower back. Crawl back in the hole you crawled out of. You sound like a deranged roided freak.


Thank you.