A Routine to Get Ripped

I’m 185lbs and about 30 years old. I have a few years of experience on and off. I am looking to basically get ripped, may you call it. I know diet is the key but what kind of routine should I follow up with this?

Fairly low volume, moderate to high frequency, high average intensity.

Focus on keeping your strength in the 4-8 rep range if you want to keep your muscle.

alright thank you. are there any CW routines that would fit my goals?

Any of CW’s programs would be good. Look at all of them and see which looks best to you.

I would suggest looking at Quattro Dynamo for sure tho

[quote]ZYL281 wrote:

I would suggest looking at Quattro Dynamo for sure tho[/quote]

Not exactly the best advice. Quattro Dynamo is meant for mass gains. Which means you need to eat a lot while doing it.

Chad Waterbury’s Total-Body Training with some good ole cardio would be a better course of action.

thank you guys very much ill look into that

It’s not CW’s work, but I would recommend the Strong and Ripped Program by Tony Gentilcore.


also look into somehow incorporating the tabata method