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A Routine for My Brother...


Who wants to get in shape and is "lost" in the sea of (mis) information.

He's 5'9 and about 140. Age 22. Very athletic growing up but currently out of shape.

I'd like to put him on a routine that hits muscles twice per week. Split or TBT, I don't care, just something to get him in the gym, ideally for 45-75 min (the time he can afford due to his two jobs). Run with it for 12 weeks or so to see if he can stick to it, then assess.

Any ideas where I can steer him?

We want to pack on some size. I'm trying to teach him about foods and meal prep and he seems to be soaking it up. Just need a good routine and a notebook.


I think you need to steer him to the buffet :wink:

Another thing though i tried getting a mate of mine involved in the sport and if you give them to many rules etc when starting out they'll feel intimidated (not that they will admit it) and give up very easily.