A-rod's Cycle Log 2.0

Whats up T-Nation.

Decided to start my second cycle and keep a bit of a log on here for those who are interested and to seek advice if needed.

So current stats:

Between 10-12 % bf I suspect

I finally squated 500 pulled 600 bench is lagging and is around 325. For those who recall I partially tore my pec last fall during my first cycle so thats my excuse. I still plan to press 405 one day. Just maybe not soon.

As far as my cycle goes I am not gonna get crazy with it just because I have already dipped my toe in the waters. I got dragonpharma sust 350 which I plan on pinning every other day initially half a ml. Based on my response I may increase to one ml every other day or three times a week. Additionally I will be running this oral ph DMZ 3.0 which I ran last time. It elevated my ast and alt but they came down almost immediately upon finishing the DMZ which I ran for four weeks.

I just got some blood work done and my E2 was in range. On my first cycle I went as long as I could before taking an AI in hopes of maybe being the lucky individual whose E2 stayed in range. Alas this was not the case and it spiked really high close to twice the max physiological limit. I had a full blown panic attack as a result. So my question is should I again wait as long as possible to take the AI or start right away? I have pinned once already and the next day (today) I already have mild anxiety I am not sure if its related to the compounds or not. To me that seems way to fast to have anxiety from an E2 spike but the sust does have short esters.

Thats all for now. Any input is appreciated. Hope some of the old vets I remember are still around. When I get anxious like this it makes me want to get off everything and not fuck with aas anymore. But when my mood stabilizes I feel fine. Also I will post a few current photos in the next couple of days.

You were off for more than 6 months? Did you actually get stronger? Looking forward to seeing your progress on cycle again.

I would recommend that you get bloodwork mid cycle since you’re using stuff from China.

take the AI right away. There’s not a single good reason not to.