A-Rod a Yankee!

I can’t wait to hear what all the Yankee haters have to say about this.

I hate it.

i think its freaken hilarious!

The end of the world as we know it. Who wants to face this:

Kenny Lofton
Jason Giambi
Gary Sheffield
Bernie Williams
Jorge Posada
Hideki Matsui

The yankees will be bending over teams and doing them dirty. How can you not love Big Stein

Who needs the all star game, just watch the Yankees!

ahh i finally see and understand why the yankees are so hated

awesome lineup no doubt. however i think therir starting pitching leaves a little to be desired. at least when you compare it to the likes of boston.

Hey its not as if the Yanks have a BAD starting 5, most teams would love to have Mussina, Vasquez and Brown as their top 3. Best team ever. At least on paper.

mussina a stud no doubt. vasquez coming from montreal to the short porch at yankee stadium as well as the transition into the al could be an issue. kevin browns health is always a question mark.

this has the potential to be a great rotation if vasquez adapts to the al quickly and brown stays healthy.

personally id take schilling, pedro, and lowe over them.

If Jeter and A-rod are in the same infield and A-rod is not playing SS… well…that would just be…a f-ing travesty

If Jeter is a “real” captain, he will move himseld to 3B or 2B or anywhere other than SS for the good of the team. because if you don’t know by now, Jeter is worse than every other MLB SS at doing what he is supposed to do - catch the ball

Glad to see some unblinkered opinion for an ABY…Anyone But YANKEES.

Jeter doesnt have the arm for third, A-Rod does.

by chance, is your first name wilson?