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A-Rod 600


Alex Rodriguez is one homerun shy of 600 which would make him one of six players to ever accomplish the astounding feat.

my favorite:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpGRym901uk


How hard would it be to be liked if you were A-rod or barry bonds? You would just have to not be such huge dicks all the fucking time.

And also not having cheated would have helped.


I love Barry Bonds. Best power hitter ever.



Jim thome is only like 20 homeruns shy of 600...You'll see him in there soon. But I do have to still call him bonds, mcguire, sosa, etc cheaters. Still had to swing the bat and hit the ball...but cheaters none the less.


I still dont understand why people like baseball so much. It is literally the shittiest sport ever created. Lets break this sport down... First off the only athleticism needed is by the pitcher, everyone else literally stands around the entire game. And i know someone is going to say they have to dive sometimes, but holy shit they have a fukin glove on. Secondly, people say OMGZ ITS SO HARD TO HIT THE BALL, comon if all these players are good at is swinging a bat and only having to hit the ball 33% to be considered good, that is just pathetic. There is NO and i mean ZERO endurance involved, besides the pitcher. and finally if you actually are dumb enough to go to a baseball game you can barely fucking see whats going on, unless you have good seats. People say cricket is even worse than baseball but those motherfuckers dont use gloves to catch the ball so i give them more respect. in the end baseball is terrible and i think anyone who likes it is very easily entertained in life.


spoken like someone who hasnt played any baseball. And possibly a foreigner.

It is exciting and fun as hell to play.

And it has this timeless americaness. a team sport with one on one matchups that could also be a 1 vs 9 matchup. Americans take on all comers. Round the bases craftily to acheive steady advancement. Its a metaphor for american bravado, egalitarianism and some other stuff too. Its a cool game.


It might be some giants biased love, but barry bonds is the best. I don't think anyone else has 500 HRs and 500 Steals.


everyone always says "guess you never played baseball". i did play baseball when i was young, sure its fun to play, i wish my parents had me play another sport so i could be more athletic overall now, BUT YOU DONT FUCKING PLAY IT WHEN YOU ARE WATCHING THE GAME, you are SEEING IT THROUGH YOUR EYEBALLS, and if you can process most of it, it really is not exciting to watch, atleast in soccer they are running around and when they do score you can count on it being awesome.


Shouldn't this tell you something? That the best hitters in the world only get a hit 33% of the time? Shouldn't that tell you how hard it is to hit a fucking baseball?

Why do you hop in a thread obviously about baseball to rip on baseball?

You don't like it. We get it. We don't care, but we get it.

Now go jump in the bodybuilding forum and tell everyone how much you hate bodybuilding.


no you obviously dont get it if you still think baseball is awesome.


You obviously don't get that baseball fans don't give a shit about non baseball fans' opinions regarding baseball.


your obviously foreign or just another soccer fag. Or both....

SOCCER IS GAY. Please don't use "well most of the world likes it" as an excuse. No shit they like it, third world countries roll around in dirt and shit all day long. Just the thought of some green grass and a ball would make anybody's fuckin' day if you lived in such shithole places.

As for saying it's pathetic for baseball players to be considered amazing hitting only 33% of the time. How does that make it an easy sport? That shows it's fucking hard asshole.

Better idea: let's see your dumbass hit a 95mph fastall from tim limceum, steven strasburg, brian wilson, or any other stud pro pitcher out there. FUCK even at a batting cage i bet youd get fucked up. So until then Sit down a shut up, no one cares that you're too unathletic to play baseball. Cry bout it some more and go play soccer.

wheew finally im done...

more and more soccer fags by the minute (truly more and more pussies who cant handle a reals sport)


This is one of those lines that is always thrown out there, but is a horribly silly misconception. Major league players HIT the ball much more than 33% of the time, your better contact hitters are into the 90's, with the average for baseball being in the low-mid 70s.

It's like comparing free throw % to three point %.



Why do you guys bother responding to trolls? What's the point?


LOL @ blaming your shit athleticism on your parents not making you play other sports. Fuck that sounds as pathetic as anything I ever heard in my adult life.

(hint: youre just a spaz)


^^my thoughts exactly.


Bonds comes off as a scumbag the way he played the whole thing out. He clearly juiced, just man up, admit it and move on.

A-Rod admitted it (in a half ass way), but he still came clean. Chances are without the sauzze he'd probably still be closing in on 500 instead of 600. There will be no excitement around this and no one will really care, I guess thats his punishment.

Pic related - u prolly jelly

Affilliation: Mets fan


I am constantly torn on this matter. A good majority of the population thinks that the physical act of sticking a needle in your ass is going to make you an amazing player. Most of us on this site recognize the insane amount of work that goes into training and see PEDs as a little boost. I've heard a few analysts even make the statement that amphetamines gave players a much bigger advantage than steroids.

All that said, while it is necessary for the player to still make contact, you have to wonder how many of those homerun balls would have died in the outfield were the players "clean".

I think a lot of this is also just an excuse to hate on the players who you don't like in the first place. Perhaps someone can explain to me why Bonds, Clemens, etc. are vilified while national broadcasters never think twice about counting Pettitte as a future HOF pitcher. But that could just be my personal pet peeve.

And this could just be my irrational desire to seek out conspiracies, but there seems to be a lot of talk about how dominant pitching has been this year. Certainly this cannot be argued, but many are contributing it to the fact that the hitters are no longer juicing. I call bullshit. Am I the only one watching games and wondering what the fuck is going on with the strike zone lately? The officiating has been atrocious this year!