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A Return to PL ?


Hi all , My first post ( well 2nd , but an introduction )

Ive been away from powerlifting ( enforced thru injury ) for 10 + years. And although still hitting the gym I have not seriously practiced any of the 3 lifts for that period. Now at age 45 I am getting that urge ( mid-life crisis maybe LOL ) to get back to some serious lifting again. 

My injury came about at a competitive meet where ( in the 165 class , weighing around 162 ) my suit blew during a 600+ squat & the bar subsequently flew over my head , I went on to win the meet ( class & overall ) after struggling thru my deadlifts to 605 on my third attempt , but something had pulled in my pelvis/low back area that only exacerbated over the days post competition. After many scans on the affected area with no firm diagnosis of what was causing my pain I had to resort to a lengthy and frustrating lay off from ALL lifting. I tried several returns to `real` lifting but never got past the preliminary stages of the type of resistance I was accustomed to .

So over the years I have been simply trying to add resistance and reps to those exercises that did not affect my lowback/pelvis issues , and have managed to get to some reasonably heavy poundages whilst maintaining a semblence of my previous condition / bodyweight ( presently @ 168 lb ) but I miss the powerlifting. 

Lately I have been ( tentatively ) using belt squats in order to get accustomed to a squat motion again without loading the spine , and trying out some set ups/walkouts in order to get accustomed to shouldering some weight again ( its amazing how easy one forgets or grows unaccustomed to the little things without their regular performance ) , close grip benches , rows and some light deadlifting also , and a ton of stretches. 

After christmas I intend to try out the 3 lifts proper and all being well look toward the end of the year at competing in a masters ( over 45 ) class. 

* ANY advice is most welcomed in order to help me advance *

   Attached is a short vid of a deadlift session pre-injury.


Best wishes , T.


You look massive in the video. How tall? But best of luck to you. Seems like you got everything under control.


Im 5`6" , & always had strong legs .... my upperbody was not so strong though & subsequently my bench was never on par with my squat/deadlift.



Check into some myofascial work, ART, or myofascial release. Chiropractic maybe. I'm sure you sprained some stuff near you SI joint. If it's the muscles and ligaments they don't show up on scans.


Hi Tom , I underwent extensive chiro mainly ( as you interpret ) on my Sacro illiac joint , but again on my return to heavy lifting ( squatting to depth OR a testing deadlift ) the pain would return , perhaps I was too eager & it was too soon.
Ultimately I gave up pursuing getting back to competitive lifting and instead simply avoided any exercise that brought about my pain ( namely the powerlifts ) and simply concentrated on what I COULD do instead of what I COULDNT.

To-date though I am pain free and really intent on giving competing another go , IF ( god willing ) I can get through the preliminary stage of performing the 3 lifts proper. 
I am now older and wiser , & hopefully through a properly executed rehab programme of strengthening and also specific stretches I can/will see myself back there. 

Best wishes , T.