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A request of the T-clan

Hello all. I’ve been rarely posting as of late due to some problems with computing systems. It seems that my work computer will not allow me to post, so I am typing this on my home computer.

In any case, I need to request prayers, healing vibes, good thoughts, whatever you like to call them on behalf of myself. One and a half weeks ago, I went on a rampage and ran two days in that week, sandwiching a bike ride. Now in my days gone by, this would have been no big deal – something i could have easily done all in one day. What ensued on the following days I can only describe as a Baker’s cyst. After two days rest, most of the swelling subsided, which also happened to coincide with my doctor’s appointment (orthopedic surgeon). X-rays showed nothing, and palpation yielded nothing. I was prescribed ten days of Vioxx, and told to take it easy a few days, then go back to regular activity.

So, I go beyond the recommended few days, and do ONE easy run. I’m back where I started. Another doc’s appointment, and I now have an MRI scheduled for Friday morning, with results to come a week later (can anyone tell me why it takes a full week to get results from an instantaneous computer file?). In the meantime, I’m in near constant niggling pain. I suspect a meniscal tear, but can’t recollect any event that would have caused it.

Any good thoughts you can send my way will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks – brider

Sorry to hear this. Prayers, vibes and all the rest coming your way. Keep us updated on that MRI.

PS. Seeing as my folks are nurses up there, if you need some straight-up no-bullshit resources, referrals, or drugs :wink: just PM me.

  Us men just don't learn do we, lol.

  Brider, dud, I wish nothing but the best for you. Hopefully you'll be back up in no time!

It’s done: your in my prayers.

Hope things get better man.

I have some Oxycontin that’s sitting in my medicine cabinet waiting to be confiscated by the government. I’ll send you it to avoid the jail time. Let me ask you this. Can you cough, laugh, and sneeze without excruciating pain? If the answer is yes, and I assume it is, you’re in better shape than me. Count your blessings, dude. Nevertheless, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

You got it Brider, Good luck Bro!

Brider, many of us have been there. Keep your chin up and do yor best to be a patient patient.

I’m 1 month post op from an ACL reconstruction that has leveled me like no other injury. The things I’m doing to combat boredom, atrophy, and insanity include cruising the posts on the old t-mag page, playing with my dogs as much as possible, and driving my desk at work like it’s a formula 1 car.(working my butt off) Also, while I’m in physical therapy, I ask alot of questions and take the whole process very seriously, its hard for me to do because of how long each session is, (over two hours). Hopefully you won’t need surgery or therapy, just be sure to follow every recommendation they (the medical staff) put forth. Don’t overstep your boundries as far as activity level, ask your medical providers tons of questions about every aspect of your injury you can think of, make them work with you and for you. That’s how they make their money, make’em work for it. and keep that leg elevated as much as possible because “Edema is the enemy.”

CMC could probably vouch for that as well. He’s the guy who has the most challenging situation.

Take care dude,


brider: I’ll be thinking and sending much positive thoughts your way.

And Ko may have much to say about this, too. Positive, I might add. :-))

Injuries and surgery definitely suck. I hear you, Brad. Boredom is a killer. Not counting the walks I have to take to expand my lungs, I’ve been out exactly once in the three weeks since I’ve been home. That was just a quick trip to Blockbuster. And I hate it that I can’t laugh because comedy is my passion. I’m used to laughing it up all day, but I really can’t afford to do that. Too much pain. On the bright side, I can start doing more in one week. A lot of restrictions are lifted at that point.

Brider, find whatever you can to keep you thinking positive. Don’t worry my friend maybe this happened for a reason. You mention prayer so I assume you believe life’s in the hands of GOD. So don’t worry he has a plan for you! Maybe the time off will give you new life and meaning in the GYM for when you do come back… the unexpected is about to happen my friend… just give it some time.

Da Boxer

Brad brought up a good point about edema. I don’t know what you’re doing to combat that, but what worked very well for me was 2000mg of bromelain taken on an empty stomach every 4 hours around the clock. I had some severe edema issues the first three days post-op (the skin on my knuckles and ankles split open, I could hardly move any joints due to the pressure) but between the bromelain and several lymphatic drainage massage sessions, it passed fairly quickly. Learn the technique of the lymphatic drainage massage (very easy) and do it on yourself several times a day. Helps immensely! I also took 6, 30x sublingual tabs of arnica (for bruising) for 4 weeks following a surgery. According to my surgeon this routine caused me to heal approx 300% faster than average.

Brider, did you notice any side effects from taking Vioxx? My doctor was going to prescribe that for me, but I declined because I don’t have good luck with most drugs. I have had to combat pain with only Motrin or Tylenol, whereas most people take some combination of Oxycontin, Valium, Vioxx, or Tylox for at least two weeks after the particular surgery I had. It certainly has increased my discomfort level, but the alternative is worse. I simply can’t function on strong meds.

Any popping or locking up?

I was where you were 2 years ago. X-rays showed nothing, MRI showed nothing. The doctor finally decided that exploratory surgery was the only alternative. Arthroscopic surgery produced a 1cm X 2cm pice of cartillage.

If you end up having to have surgery, it is not nearly as bad as it used to be. I was walking 3 days later, and back in the gym in 3 monthes.

Hope it turns out to be nothing though. Good luck.

Lots of popping (but they’ve both done that for years), but no locking up. Interesting that your MRI was inconclusive. I’m not real keen on the idea of opening it up (I know, they just go in with an arthroscope) to look around.

Good luck my friend.

Just remember that adversity only forces you to grow…


I had to have a whole ligament reconstructed and most of it was done through the scope…

I do have a long scar but it was from where they harvested part of my patellar tendon. All of the other stuff was done through the scope.

Have a good weekend everybody. Be safe


Okay, had the MRI this morning – the machine was named “Symphony” something, which was kind of funny considering all the noise it made.

Any way, the MRI tech said something like “maybe a pulled gastroc, unofficially” as he pointed to some fluid build-up behind the knee capsule. Legally he CAN’T tell me anything (damn litigious society), so I need to wait a week for the “official” results.

God, I hate waiting.

Brider, you don’t want the tech telling you what they think. In many cases they could be correct, but they’re not trained to read those studies and often are quite wrong.

Patience, my man. Everything in due time.

An update:

Since at least one person has asked, I’ll give an update on the MRI results. So here it is…

Drum roll please!



That’s right, not ONE thing. Well, other than a “tiny” (their words) popliteal cyst (no duh, that’s what I’ve been saying since day one). The doc metioned some possible refereed pain from some potential cartilege damage on the kneecap (chondromalacia, which I’ve had before and know what it feels like). So, the answer is, I have no answer, but you can take it easy for a while (I asked if that meant two weeks or three months, and didn’t get an answer) then get back to normal activities, and in the mean time, stay with non-impact stuff. So, I can’t run, every time I do something simple like alternating knee-to-elbow while standing it flares back up. I’ve got a referral for a phys. therapist who’s also a world class age-group runner, so I may see him. I’m not keen on the idea of going uder the 'scope just to look around.

So, I thank you for all your good thoughts. Keep them coming.

No problem brider. Your in my prayers.