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A Request of my fellow T-folk

As a few of you know from reading other threads, the love of my life, the Vixen, is undergoing surgery on Monday for her scoliosis. They will be inserting a rod in her spine, and possibly removing a few ribs, due to the curvature of her back. With this surgery, there is always some nasty risks, including partial paralysis, or that she could end up in a wheelchair for life. Needless to say, she is scared to death, and so am I…I NEED this woman by my side for a LONG LONG time…I ask all of you, my “extended family of brothers and sisters” to keep her in your prayers on Monday. She will be in surgery for about 6 to 8 hours and in the hospital for a few weeks after that, and pretty much laid up for the next 3 to 4 months. I will let you all know on Monday night how it went!! I intend on printing out this thread for her sunday night, so please feel free to offer any support you can…Thanks all!!

I had a back operation 3 years ago Whopper and it was the best thing I ever did. Not as big an operation as Mrs. Whopper is having but a good friend had the rod treatment done 2 years ago by the same surgeon I used as a result of seeing my results. He no longer has ANY back pain and is nice and straight to boot. The procedures are vastly improved from what they were 10 years ago and I am sure your wife will be fine. The recovery period is fairly long but well worth. Prayers will be said for her speedy recovery at church on Sunday. Keep us posted.

Drink lots of water (helps with swelling and healing) take your pain pills and GET BETTER FAST!!! surgery sucks, but you’ll pull through! Just think, Whopper can rub your feet EVERYday to make you feel better!!! grin

but seriously, I hope everything goes well. Please keep us updated!

Whopper, good luck to you both with the surgery, it will be hard on her, but seeing her in pain, that probably won’t be easy for you either. I’ll pray for her this weekend, and for the next few weeks for a smooth recovery.

The Vixen will definately be in my prayers. I haven’t posted much, but thought I would let you and the Vixen know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you both. My brother’s girlfriend had the same operation done about a year and a half ago. She is perfectly fine and doing well. She had the operation done not to long before I graduated from college (Go Irish!) and was able to attend the ceremonies. I hope everything goes well!

Hey Whopper, you’ve got my sympathy and support. Hope everything turns out well for you.

Whopper, you know the Vixen’s in mine and all your T-bruthas’ prayers, my man. We wish her and yourself the best…not only a successful and flawless operation but a proper and full recovery. We’ll definitely have her and you in our minds and hearts from now until it’s all good bro.

Good luck whopper - we’re all cheering for ya/her. Seems like we can take anything when it comes to ourselves but when it’s our loved ones… That’s the advantage of mma/nhb - can look your enemy in the eyes and if you lose it’s your own damn fault - not some doctor’s or diseases you can’t do a thing about. Good luck bro!

Good luck with the surgery Mr. and Mrs. Whopper. Remember that God places no more on us than we can handle. Keep faith in Christ, and both of you will prevail. Life throws many curves at us along the way, we are forced to take the good with the bad and try and move on. Sometimes it isn’t easy but it wasn’t easy for him to be stapled to a cross either. Each day will be another day towards being healthy again. Take it in stages. Realize all in life that is important to you and how quickly it can be taken away. Good luck to you and your family. -Justin

Whopper, I wish your Vixen all the best. May
she make a complete, quick, and painless
recovery. I’m sure things will go well. And
with you by her side waiting on her, her
recovery will be even better.

You girlfriend will be in my prayers. I am sure she will be fine.I know it is hard butplease try not to worry, you have to be strong for her as this will surely be a very trying time in your relationship, not only for her but for yourself as well. Going through these experiences is never easy but rest assured that you and your family will be in my heart over the next few weeks. Everything will turn out ok. Take care bro


whopper, tell the vixen it’ll be all good. my life has been the epitome of a roller coaster. and i have been brought to these realizations; 1-things turn out best when you have the right person by your side, which in your situation is clearly the case for the both of you (i have the feeling though that the vixen is the better half). 2-this may sound weird, but i truly believe that it is the tough times, not the good ones, that allow us to develop as individuals as well as mates. and 3-my hunches don’t let me down, and my gut is telling me the vixen is gonna come through this just fine. peace.

I feel for you and your wife. If you want my prayers, you’ve got them. I can only imagine how I would feel if my better half had to go through that. I know what you mean by needing her by your side for a long time. Brings a freakin’ tear to my eye to read stuff like this. Good luck!

I will have her in thoughts when i pray.And all i can really say is have apositive mindset as i believe in this phrase “See it, believe it and you shall achive it” this has helped me through any adversity that i have come accross. Get well soon Mrs Whopper.

I’ll be thinking positive for you… keep your chin up. Mark (Australia)

Whopper, the bond that you and your vixen share will allow you both to overcome this obstacle. When it is all over, you will both be stronger people as a result. The vixen will be in my prayers bro. Stay positive and everything will be all good.

Whopper … You and the love of your life are in my heart and prayers.
Keep as positive a mindset as possible, it will help you both.
These terrible trials can actually strengthen your bond, and it appears from other replies that there shall be only the best outcome.

Hang tough and keep a positive attitude…you’ve got my prayers. Best wishes to the both of you.

Whopper & Vixen I feel for you both, from your posts I know you have the fortitude to handle this well.Good for you for having the courage to take steps to correct your condition.
Your family is in our prayers.

I want to thank everyone for their support so far…it helps a LOT more than you know! Avoids, Thanks so much for letting us know that it has worked out very well for some other people…when this kind of stuff happens, you often feel like your on an island all by yourself! Goose, your so right, as a fighter, I have been KO’ed a few times, and you right, being able to look your opponent in the eyes, and win or lose is a HELL of a lot easier than this! Again, I just want to say thanks to all of you, and I can’t wait til sunday to print this out and show her how many people are pulling for her…I KNOW it will help!!