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A reminder to liberals to get out and vote


Please, liberals, set aside some time this coming Thursday to get out and vote.


Yes, I believe everyone's voice should be heard, even if I do not agree with them, so remember to vote on Thursday. Tell them the Tea party sent you.


You conservatives are just so damn witty.


Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more tact. I think it would be a wonderful display if instead of rubbing salt in the wounds of tuesday's outcome, we reached out and offered emotional support to liberal members of this forum. To be there for them during their dark time. I'm here for you guys if you need someone to talk to.


I am waiting until after the election so I can see all the progress that will be made , I am sure my head will spin from the changes the republicans make :slightly_smiling:




Who cares. Recent history has shown the inability of either party to govern. If it matters so much to someone to be able to say, "yeah, senator so and so may be an idiot but at least he's my idiot," then I believe we have found one major source of our problems. It's bad enough when politicians treat politics like some sort of game show like Survivor; it's another when the voters feel the same way.


we should play a game show like "Wife Swap" instead.

we give you Sarkozy
you give us Obama.


Excellent post, Zecarlo