...a reintroduction

Hey all at the Tmag forums…!

As a long-time lurker (Tmag issue 3) and a VERY rare contributor (and hardly ever anything worthwhile…!) I’ve decided to reimmerse myself in a big old bath of TESTOSTERONE.

Earlier this year my mum passed away, and as anyone who has ever been through THAT kind of scene before knows, it certainly does mess with your head. Training became less of a priority, while getting drunk and miserable every night for a month became all the rage.

Bad diet, depression and stress.

Just to top that special time off, my girlfriend decided to break up with me a few weeks ago. Thanks honey.

Now the worst is over, I’ve found myself drawn back to the one thing that really makes me feel damn good, and that’s the GYM. I’ve tuned up my diet, reapplied myself in the weight room, and am anxiously awaiting the onset of Spring (just around the corner for us Australians…!)

…and what better way to motivate yourself than indulging in a bit of T-Forum action…!

Hopefully I’ll get to know a few of the T personalities, and maybe I’ll contribute something meaningful as well…!


“Radar” Sydney, Australia.

It’s nice to have you back, even if you live on the wrong side of the world. :slight_smile:

Thanks J…good to be back (so far)

Fantastic quality of life here in Australia, but we do miss out on a lot of stuff that Americans take for granted especially in the realm of supplements. No ephedra, prohormones of any description etc etc. Training is good though - lots of good food, and the supps we ARE allowed to have are (for the most part) good quality.

Let the fun begin…!