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A Redneck Love Poem


"Roses are red an' my neck's red too

an' you make my lips pucker like a big plug o' chew.

If you was my shed I'd be proud to have made ya

an' if you was my gun, in my rack I'd display ya.

Cuz yer sleek like a bass boat an' hotter'n fire

yer more grippin' to me than a new set o' tires.

I'm a sad , lovesick fool jus' a-carryin' a torch

an' I whine like them houn' dogs that's under my porch.

Cuz you make my head spin like I'uz drinkin' White Lightnin'

(I ain't use to much thinkin' I confess it's a mite fright'nin'.)

But yu'v stol my poor heart like that big ol' tornader

that came through last month an' took off with my trailer...

So I'll give you sum candy an' flowers by the duz'n

Heck, I 'd rather kiss you than my purt'iest cuz'n!

You 'n' me go together like catfish and beer batter!"

Compliments of Nate Owens Leanin' Tree Inc, Since 1949

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i'm sure your mother loved it.




Probably funnier if my mother wasn't dead.


nope, still funny.