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A Recent Memo...


... that was circulated where I consult (a gov't agency). The "inner child" bullet is most interesting to me:

[i][b]It's a Good Idea to Eat Breakfast[/b]

People who eat breakfast everyday tend to weigh less and eat fewer calories over the course of the day. Also, breakfast helps you be more mentally focused and alert all day long. Let's kick breakfast up a notch with these tweaks we found in Woman's World magazine.

  • Let's say you've got a hectic day ahead. Your best breakfast is a smoothie with low-fat yogurt, pineapple, mangoes and papayas. Why? Because research proves that tropical scents and tastes calm brain waves in seconds. That'll help you feel relaxed and ready to take on a challenging day. Plus, the protein in the yogurt digests slowly, giving you a slight energy boost without knocking your blood sugar out of whack.

  • Now, here's an excuse to tap into your inner child at breakfast. According to a recent study from the University of Western Australia, it's okay to eat a sugary cereal for breakfast every now and then like Fruit Loops, Trix or Cap'n Crunch. Why? Well, the study found that those who ate sugary cereals performed significantly better on short-term memory tests than those who ate high-fiber cereals. The researchers think it's because high-carb, sugary cereals will interrupt the release of stress hormones, helping you stay calmer once the pressure starts. Make that breakfast a once-in-while thing.

  • Another way to kick breakfast up a notch: Eat it outside! Morning light balances your hormones. The result: You'll feel more clear-headed and confident almost instantly. Another good reason to drink in the sun: It boosts levels of the happiness hormone serotonin.

  • Drink your morning coffee out of a yellow mug. According to the book "The Dewey Color System", just looking at yellow has been proven to reduce fatigue and trigger feel-good hormones.


I stopped reading at "low-fat"

the lipid hypothesis is bullshit, this isn't the 70's anymore


Ok, I give up on society; seriously.


I want to remind you all, that Australia now beats the USA in obesity. So even if they are calmer.... they are wider as well.


That makes perfect sense. Sugary cereal=insulin release.

Insulin=antagonist of cortisol
Cortisol=stress hormone

Nothing in this article is really arguable besides whether or not you personally believe colors etc effect mood. Everything else makes sense physiologically.

I'd recommend people pick up some nutrition text books (yes wade through the 'low fat' stuff) to know how the human body operates. Articles on a bodybuilding website are good, but they are better if you have a basic scholastic understanding of how physiological systems work.


Tee.. he.. he..

but seriously.. good stuff, yup.. solid advice there within that... uh study uh story, thing...

Thank you for sharing with the class Bobby.


Actually Barr has mentioned that morning might be the perfect time for a meal similar to Surge. I am not saying its the best start to the day. Ive never tried it. Just that the body at that time of the day is primed for a rapid intake of sugars, amino acids, and proteins. LL has a diet approach based on it called "temporal nutrition".

So maybe there is a grain of truth to it. Maybe protein pancakes would be a better meal then cereal. But the science is good.

I liked the list. I wouldn't eat any of those foods for those reasons alone. But it emphasizes the need for a good start to the day and how a change in venue (setting and context is an important psychological variable in modifying behavior) is good for you.