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A Realistic Goal.

Hi there,
What is a realistic goal when it comes to squats, Deadlifts (orthodox)? This is based on a white mid 20 's ectomorph male weighing approx 73kgs standing at about 173cm. Have been training with weights for a few years.
I can currently deadlift 205 lbs for 6 reps and squat near enough the same with no weight belt of course. Every rep is at a controlled tempo.
Let us know what you think.



I don’t know about realistic, but I am aiming for:
2 x bodyweight DL
1.5 x bodyweight Squat
1 x bodyweight BP

All are with 5 reps in good form. I have a lower squat because I have only been squatting for 6 months, and is where I need most work. Once I reach these goals, then I will have to decide what to do next, i.e. more strength, hypertrophy, GPP, etc

The main thing is what are your goals?
If it is strength look up some powerlifting results as a guide to what you should be aiming for.

I personally like a long term goal for any and everyone of 300,400,500. Being Bench, squat,and dead. Dont know. I just like the #'s and had heard this a few times in other places and all are fairly respectable lifts.

Myself. I’m getting close. DAMN IT.

The other nice thing anbout these long term goals is once you have reached one you can put an emphasis on moving the lagging areaa up.

But like was stated it is dependent on your goals.

This is just my personal choice right now and will hopefully be changing VERY soon.


Hmm, what’s realistic…You tell me what is “realistic”.

I understand that you are trying to set a standard, and that is great. But do yourself a favor and get rid of all of those limitations like “realistic” and “ectomorph” and all that.

For example, Chuck Vogelpohl of Westside Barbell deads 816 at a bodywieght of 220 lbs! What is realistic now?

I know Chuck is an extreme example, but just make sure that if your gonna be, “realistic”, in MY opinon (and take it as you will) it often means setting your sights too low.

I hope I’m not to far off the mark here.

Lift hard my man!

Anvilman. I hear ya dude. Thanks for the replies. I have a goal in mind, that is to dead 3 plates and squat 3 plates for 3 to 6 reps. I dont use the bench press much, I’m more a dumbell person, although my chest is probably the weakest muscle group due to injury.



My goals are pretty realistic; increase the amount of weight I lift every time I lift it!