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A real marathon!!?? I DONT WANT TO SHRINK

I have started to train for a military mountain man. It’s more or less a death race. It consists of a 33 kilometer ruck (backpack weighing 33lbs) a 6 km portage with canoe and ruck. And then 12 kilometers paddleing a canoe and then 5 kilometer run for the finish.
Right now the timetable is monday a 10km run, tuesday a 5km run, wednesday 10km run, thrusday ruck(backpack march), friday portage practice carry about 90lbs for 6km. the training is taking 3 months. with a 30km run a 40km run and a 50km run! i weigh 180lbs with 8% bodyfat. I am trying to follow the bring the pain series?! i am very worried about losing muscle mass. PLEASE HELP!!! I dont want to shrink! How should i train and how should i eat??? my current daily intake of supplements consists of 10 grams of creatine, 5 grams of glutamine, 5 grams of taurine ZMA, multi-vitamin, meal replacements and protein shakes. am i going to totally waste away?? should i quit??? any HELP would be great!!!

Any muscle that you lose doing this one time endurance event will come back. I would of course keep lifting and trying to maintain muscle, but many times people mess up their performance by being obsessed with bodybuilding while doing other sports. So don’t worry too much. And you will blow up in size once you stop all the running. Good luck.

you will prolly deflate a bit regardless of what you do. just kinda how it goes. there are times where i will crank out 2-3 hours of cardio a day. not very often, but when i do i make sure to kick up my glutamine supplementation. my experiance with glutamine is that it helps prevent muscle wasting. give it a shot.

You just need to eat enough, its that simple. Take in as many calories as you burn and you will not lose weight. Easier said than done though, with the amount of running you’re talking about.

Jack up your T levels. You choice of supplements and drugs. For drugs, something like primo depot is going to help alot to keep muscle.