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A Real Fatloss Program Needed

Now i am so confused. I have been training for a while now. I started at 203 lbs at 21% BF and am down to 173lbs at 15% BF. I am ultamately trying to reach 9-10% BF. I am looking for people’s honest opinion on a program that i can follow to get me to these goals.

Seeing as how there are about a thousand different ones. I am looking for an 8-12 week program where i am going to have dramatic results. I have no problem commiting to a program and sticking to it, also my diet is very good. I follow the precision nutrition program to a T. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

If you following Precision Nutrition, then you should be well on your way diet wise, which is the biggest factor in weight loss or gain.

As for a training program, consider 10x3 For Fat Loss, Lactic Acid Training & a bit of The Tabata Method mixed into one of those 2.

They aren’t 12 week programs, but you can cycle between the 2, and they’ve given me the best results.