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A Re-Introduction

Hello Everyone,

First off, Not sure if this is the proper area to make this post, but since i spend most of my time in this end of the forum i thought it would be best.

It has been about five years since i was an active member in this community and there seems to be a lot of new faces around here. ‘Back in the day’ Prisoner(P22) and Bushido Badboy were name-stays but it doesn’t look like either are still active. I’m full of questions but first a little about myself.

I’m 5’6 a little over 175 and fairly lean at the moment, been training for about 15 years. Joined T-Nation in 2004 ran my first cycle shorty after at the age of 21. I know, I know way too early but ambition got the better of me.

Cycled on and off for about 2 years, made incredible gains and then life stepped in. Marriage and a career took the front seat and now… i’m back. I’m 30 the wife’s on-board and i’m interested is giving aas another go.

I still trained hard and ate big for the 7 years i’ve been natural but i’m curious to see where i can take my physique with some anabolic help. I think i’m at a good stable point in my life where I can dedicate a lot of work towards my goals.

With that outta the way, I have a lot of questions about the current ‘scene’ but i’ll start with just one. When i left, there was a forum rager going on about pct protocols. There were 2 sides the test taper side (a gradual reduction in test at the end of your cycle to transition to ‘off’, and the traditional cold turkey tapering with a heavy ancillary recovery.

Was there ever a winner? Any new info brought to light? What are your general thoughts on PCT around here these days?

If you have any questions for me fire away. Almost forgot, i’m Canadian so hello to any other T-Nation northerners.