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A Rapist Punched in the NFL



It was self-defence, he was clearly trying to rape that other guy.


Roethlisberger fell like a fucking soccer player.

Son, I am disappoint.


That wasn't a punch, it was a big face. The title should read "A Rapist BigFaced in the NFL".


Except he got hit by a god damned hill giant


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Wow. My man's got a big right hand.


Go Steelers! Let's get that 7th ring!


Fuck Roth, he's a scumbag.


It took you this long to post this video? Do you get your news by telegram?


Four days? No, but I didn't find any good clips of it until today.


I got kicked in the NFL once...my NFL was swollen for a week.


Reminds me of the time I pulled my groin...

Felt so good I pulled it again!


I think he meant he flopped like soccer players do in order to get penalties.

Look at him get hit, he pauses for a second, then flies backwards like a bad kung-fu movie. I would have done the same thing though; if some guy hits you in the face you better be getting 15 yards.




Flopping of any kind for any reason is for pussies.


He had a helmet on, I don't see the big deal...


Did he rape her in the butt?


the only worthwhile post in this thread so far.


Speaking of soccer...