I am a masters class powerlifter who has been having extreme lower back and knee problems. I went to our gym Physical/Massage Therapist who scheduled me a session. While undressing I mentioned Active Release Technique from T-mag and he informed that was what we were going to do. Today, he did my thighs, hamstrings and hips. (Upper legs)When he finished (65 minutes) I could barely walk and was aware of every muscle in my legs. I think it will be most beneficial to me. BUT!!! I would gladly take two serrated bayonets up the butt then go through that terrible, intense pain again.

Stick with it, it won’t be as bad the next time. A weight trained athlete typically has a lot of problems at first to work on. As the adhesions free up, it will be less unpleasant. The first time I had it done on an old subscapularis injury, it hurt so bad, my nose hemmoraghed! So just suck it up and deal with it! Just kidding. Belive me’ it will pay off.

I’ve had ART treatments & it felt great! It’s what I call a good hurt. Sounds like the person that worked on you over did it. Just stick with it & you’ll get better in no time. Just think of sex while your getting worked on. OH! Never fart while getting worked on. The person that is working on you will make you cry for mercy!