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Anyone know of any ART practioners in the Wash D.C. area? My honey has had chronic shoulder pain for a couple years now and just worked around it (he’s a rugby player). Well, he really nailed it doing pullups the other day and needs some help. I would be happy to look info up myself if someone can just point me in the right direction. Thanks to all who respond!

Call Active Release Techniques at 719-473-7000

Dr. Kevin Benson or Dr. Steve Horowitz are located in Md. You can 719-473-7000 to find their exact locations Dr. Benson has been a treating doc at two Ironmans, while Dr. Horowitz has worked at the 96 olympics. I’m sure both are total body certified.

Dr. Kirsten Grove 703-760-8110. She is really amazing. Good luck


It’s worth a try, but even ART isn’t effective all of the time. I’ve been seeing an ART practitioner for the past 6 weeks for a shoulder that I initially injured several years ago bench pressing and then reinjured a few years ago during karate. Other than an increased range of motion I really haven’t noticed any benefit from the treatments.

It depends on the injury. I tore one of my ligaments and now it is loose as hell on one side. They cannot fix that however all the muscle damage that has resulted they can assist with to restore mobility and get rid of a lot of the pain. It still sounds like rice crispys but it works better. The joint I tore was the ac joint. Nothing anyone can do for that.