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I ahve an appointement on Thursday with Dr. Robert Petrick here in beautiful Las Vegas in hopes that he can help me with a nagging shoulder injury. I know that the shoulder is the most complicated joint in the body but tis must be a better option than surgery. My shoulders have been bad from years of gymnastics, uprights rows and some recent mishaps doing iso-ballistics dips (a slip on the landing).

What have been your results with A.R.T.? I hope positive as my insurance does not cover A.R.T.


A.R.T. helped me recover from tendonitis in the elbow area that I had for over a year. Later it helped me with an impinged AC joint.

There are a lot of things it will help that "regular" docs don't worry much about.


ART is awesome when done corectly.
I've been to dozens of ART specialists and only 2 really knew what they were doing. The of the them were ok and helped me to some extent.

If your ever in Los angles I know 2 ART guys that are great and affordable.

As some of you know I'm a Pro wrestler and I can honestly say ART has saved my ass more then once.

Charles Poliquin knows many ART specailists around the country. If you have access to him, ask him.

Also check out www.activerelease.com



do a search and you shall find your answer.


I have had nothing but positive experiences with ART. I've had work done my Mike Leahy himself as well as three others. Recently I have been lucky enough to find a guy in my area who is great at it. He's completely eliminated a shoulder injury I have had for 7 years. I can bech pain free and have been able to do so for the last three months.


Dr. Petrick is one of 3 certified A.R.T. specialist in the Las Vegas area. I did do a search before posting the question and was asking for fellow T-maggers experiences with ART.

Stay strong...Get stronger.


Well then you should have found many posts by myself detailing my experiences since i have posted them many times. Not trying to bust your chops, just giving you tips. Many have already given their experiences.


Just did a search for one of my responses. here it is:
Tendinitis in wrist. Kept me from doing any close grip work and limited my grip. Cured after one trip. Separated shoulder. Cured after two trips. I went from not being able to lift it or sleep on it, to holding girls over my head in cheerleading in two days. Patello femoral syndrome-cured after 6 trips. Never came back. Strained hamstring-2 trips. Impingement in both shoulders-1 trip 90%, 2 trips, 100%. Tight, painful hip flexors and groin-3 trips. hasnt come back. I think thats it. If you can find a good doc you have hit the jack pot.

Hip problem came back, but thats my fault.


Guess I'm the only one with a negative response. Didn't help my shoulder at all. Matter of fact made it much worse. I am pretty sure I got a bum Doctor and I would try it again with a better Doc, Make sure you get a good one!


Had tendonitis along my right forearm. I could barely pinch together a stack of papers without feeling some pain.

After 8 sessions, I was back to lifting slightly lesser weights than I did before but could still "feel" where I had the problem. No pain, though.

It's been a month & a half since my last visit and my arm's 100% again.


Had my first treatment today and it went great even though it did bring tear to my eyes a few times.

The doctor, Dr. Petrick, was fantastic. Very open to questions, suggestions and very enthusiastic about treating and helping his patients. I even got a follow up call later in the afternoon and that is a first for me with a doctor. I was able to do shrugs today pain free for the first time in months. I am scheduled for six more visits to work on the shoulders and slight tightness in my left adductor.


ART is usually covered as chiropractic care by insurance, as most ART practitioners are chiropractors as well.

I had phenominal results from ART. I have aobut 95% function in both hands - up from being literally nearly crippled by carple tunnel. (I couldn't write, drive or type without excruciating pain and numbness) He also fixed the back problem from a car accident that had been preventing me from breathing without pain for about 6 months.

The spinal/rib pain was almost gone in ONE visit. I had tears a few times from that one. My hands took about a month, but they were severe and aobut ready for surgery...


ART is good not only for major or long term injuries it can also help you maintain optimal performance output on daily basis. At Renegade Barbell Club we have an ART practioner who treats many of our members on a regular basis just to keep them well tuned. It improves recovery, gets the right muscles firing at the right time, can improve flexibility,break up adhesions and scar tissue, etc. When you lift heavy weights you are gonna have some thing bothering you alot of the time and having an ART practioner nearby is always a great help.