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Yesterday, I posted a message about my left shoulder. I also posted a message about my hurt shoulder roughly 6 weeks ago, and both times, I’ve been told to see an ART therapist. Has anyone tried ART, and if so how well did it work?

Over the last few years I’ve had ART done by 2 different doctors. I was very satified/impressed and I HIGHLY recommend it.

go get ART done!!! 2 weeks ago, i majorly fucked up my back doing sumo deadlifts. it was so bad i was pretty much bed-ridden for a day, and the following two days i was pretty much moving at a snails pace. i had ART done twice, after the first time i was back to doing things at normal speed (bending over, walking, etc), and after the second time, a day later, i was pain free and at 100%. i also had the fascia stretched in my calves, and they grew 1/4 inch just in those 10 minutes.

Very well (so far). Do a search for ART and you’ll find a lot of praise for it in the forum archives.

My chiropractor did ART, and it definately helps an aweful lot. It won’t make your problem disappear, but it will sure as hell make it feel better.

One thing, though, is you should enlist your significant other to help. Maybe visit a therapist or chiropractor. This is your fact-finding mission. When you’re there, notice what he does and pay attention. Ask questions. Then go home, and use what you’ve learned to help out whoever it is you deal with everyday or regularly. Ask for feedback. If the two of you are still in love, she’ll reciprocate, and make sure to give directions, like “put more pressure about and inch lower” etc. It’s a lot cheaper than paying therapist, if not as effective.

A.R.T. is in my opinion the 8th wonder of the world !!!

ok,whats ART ? i have no clue and i even asked my wife who is a nurse and she has no clue.i give up