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A.R.T. Success Story

I’ve been suffering with a shoulder injury for over a year. A muscle pull that occured during a heavy set of BB Military Press. Any pressing movement and any overhead pulling movements have been excruciatingly painfull for the past year. I tried laying off the shoulder for periods of time hoping that all it needed was rest, but to no avail. I decided to see an Active Release Technician. My injury was based in the Teres Major/Infraspinatus musculature thus most pushing/internal rotation/overhead pulling movements were severely limited. After 3, 20-painfull-minute sessions of A.R.T., my yearlong suffering is completely gone. I can’t believe I put it off for so long! Money was part of the issue, but at a total cost of $180 for the sessions, it’s dirt cheap for the price of having my shoulder back. I’m posting my experience so others with similar nagging problems will not make the mistake I made of waiting and hoping it will go away on it’s own. I’m so convinced by the effects that I am now looking into some schools to become an A.R.T. Technician!

Just for the other side of the coin, I went for ART when I was having problems with my right Bicep tendon. After 3 treatments It was feeling a better. I told the Doc that my shoulder was hurting slightly. After 4 ART treatments my shoulder is complelty F’d up and I can barely raise it above my head. I stopped the ART and have been treating it with Ice and Heat myself, but it still hurts like hell.

ART does not work for every one…

I have also had very poor luck with ART for a shoulder injury. I went over a dozen times to a highly recommended doctor and I really don’t think there was any improvement.

I still think it’s probably worth a shot for most people, just don’t go in there thinking it’s a miracle cure.

I think the quality of the practitioner is very important. The person I went to was recommended to me by Ian King(he treats him as well) and many professional teams in the NBA, NHL and NFL will fly him in for a couple days just to treat some of their athletes. His work on me definately proves to me why he is in such high demand.

Bingo - You hit it right on the head Loopfit. Is he close to Ohio? lol

Good ART is the best thing to ever happen. Go see Dr. David Radaszewski in Atlanta. The phone number is (770) 564-3334. I would not be able to do anything if not for him. I separated my shoulder and could not move it the next two days. I went to see him and on the third day, got ART and accupuncture and was able to hold girls over my head on the fourth day. I also couldnt squat and was kept up at night with pain in my knees and was fixed after one visit. Your practioner must have a holistic approach to your care inorder for there to be an effective outcome.

Phatman: Your out of luck unless you want to take a drive up here to Toronto. Last Monday after I was treated, the St. Louis Rams’ Isaac Bruce walked in to get a treatment. Very cool!
Goldberg: Did you get that electro-accupuncture done?-My A.R.T. practitioner also incorporates this. It’s similar to a EMS unit that attaches to the ends of the needles and sends a current deep into the muscle belly. If anyone in the Toronto area is looking for treatment, PM me and I’ll give you the info.