a.r.t. in the bay

can anyone recommend an art practicioner for a shoulder injury in the bay area. i have done a search and found several. maybe you guys can help me choose? what do i look for when chooisng a doc? thanks

I sure can. Dr. Jessica Geraux in Berkeley.

Dr. Jessica Greaux
Innersport Chiropractic
1250 Addison St. Suite 102
Berkeley, CA 94702 View Map 510-883-1126

Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine 510-883-1126

If you go, tell her Darren sent you. Never know, it might get you a discount, but no guarantees mate.

all the best


Dr. Leahy’s (inventor of art)Brother works out of the Los Gatos area. When I lived in san jose (2.5yrs ago) I used to refer my clients to him. He always did a great job.

If you are in the northbay, John Fletcher in Calistoga, CA. He is listed on the ART referral site.

thnaks for the suggestions guys, ill give them a call.

Janzen & Janzen in Campbell as well – Level II certified. See healthyshoulders.com.

thanks nocalguy, janzen has an awesome deal going on right now for those without insurance. the deal includes the initial exam, 1 art session, and a 30 min massage for $40! im all over it baby. the massage alone is worth that. somehow i get the feeling that the subsequent sessions will be a lot more pricey!