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A R-eel Fish Story

I received this in an email today - funny and scary.


Does anyone have any outdoors stories that compare?

I have been freshwater eeling and those bastards take a long time to die. Therefore, I can relate to the story, apart from the savage rattlesnake like attacks which I assume are being exaggerated.

lmao that article was great
i"ve caught some pretty big gar before
they get kinda crazy

Admission: I know next to nothing about fishing and therefore, don’t know the difference between freshwater eels as opposed to salt water eels. I am certain that exaggeration abounds due to the abundant beer drinking as well as the prolific screaming like a little girl in the story. But, the story was very amusing to me as I could picture me and my friends acting in the same manner when confronted by such a monster.

To all that think the story is exaggerated, fishermen and hunters’ stories are all believed to be exaggerated, they are supposed to be wouldn’t be any fun if you told them you reeled the fish in about 45 seconds and he only weighted 2 lbs. It’s got to be exciting! With monster great grand daddy cat fish, and trout so big you mistook it for a car coming through the water. Took you 50 minutes and dragged your boat all over the lake. When you pulled it out of the water it’s beady tired eyes looked at you and knew he had finally met his match and his life was over. But of course the fish-devil tricked you and jumped off the hook and flopped into the water and swam away.

And that is why your line is broken, and not because you threw it into some underbrush you didn’t see under the water and you couldn’t get it loose.

I remember Ice fishing in the great north with the wilderness master bear grills, yes the man vs wild guy! I swear I speak only the truth when I say only seconds after dropping in our lines made from twisted pubic hair using grizzly bear rib bone poles he managed to catch one mean looking turkey sandwich and then rassled up two glasses of luke warm piss from the crew to drink. Hes amazing.

I think the best part is it’s written by one of the fishermen’s dad.