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A quote about Valentine's Day

A couple days ago, I came across this quote on a website: “Why do men hate Valentine’s day? For the same reason that they would hate it if their woman put a gun to their head and said ‘be romantic or else.’”

V-Day was designed to punish men. We should have a cousin called T-day!

Okay dudes, WTF is wrong with buying someone you care for some flowers or chocolate? I give gifts to my guy-its just another opportunity to show you are thinking about them. Geeze!

There is nothing wrong w/ buying your gf anything. But you should do it bc you want to. V-Day creates a feeling of obligation. Also, I personally believe that receiving flowers on V-Day would be insulting if you do not get them any other time of year. Obviously that person is getting you the flowers bc it’s V-Day, not bc he/she is thinking of you…

Oh give me a break. First of all it’s a Hallmark holiday. That said, the idea is it’s a day to focus on the special person in your life. YES they should be special every day of the year… but are you saying you shouldn’t get birthday gifts because ‘it’s just another day, so what’. V-day is one day for couples to focus on each other. And you know what, that doesn’t mean a $80 boquet of flowers and a $150 dinner… it can be as simple as a card on your sig’s pillow in the morning, or an evening in - spending time with each other instead of going about your usual hectic lives. All this bitching is SUCH bullshit, I’m sorry. If you are with someone who DEMANDS gifts then perhaps you need to re-examine your devotion to someone that selfcentered. I love the way guys whine all the time about their girlfriends ‘having’ to have things… if they are that bad then dump them, if they are not then quit your complaining. I’m sorry, I’m just really tired of hearing it. Want to show your sig that he/she is special for FREE? Send an e-card every hour, on the hour. Write ‘I love you’ on 100 slips of paper and put them all over your house. Ask 5 of your friends to call her, and say ‘xxxx asked me to call you and tell you he loves you’ Spend $5 on red construction paper and cut out a pile of hearts and stick them all over her car at work. It’s just not a big deal!!!

Right on Michelle! Stop your whinning guys.

I haven’t done anything for V-day since grade school. If your girlfriend/wife makes a big deal out of it that’s just wrong. Just be sure to spend a little more time with her and wish her a happy V-day. Any bum could do that:)

Great ideas Michelle! Honestly, I think guys hate V-day for one reason only–they’re afraid to screw up and it isn’t us women who make them feel they will, it’s the damn advertising business. As Michelle so eloquently put it, spending time with the one you love and doing little things should not be expensive or difficult. What IS difficult is deciding what is appropriate when the relationship is relatively new or very casual. Nobody wants to be misunderstood, nobody wants to hurt people, nobody wants to step on any toes–and that’s where the hardship comes in. So then, just be a little more creative! Keep it simple is a good statement for all sorts of occassions–including V-day. And if you don’t have a girl you care enough about to spend the day with, then be grateful that you can save your energy for the gym!

ratso’s woman sez “are those my flowers?” and ratso sez “don’t talk with your mouth full.” heh heh heh.

I wasn’t trying to start a thread about hating Valentine’s day, I was only posting the quote because I thought it was funny.

this is why i say FUCK valentines day! i again will be alone this year on valentines day and I am fucking proud of it!

My girlfriend doesn’t celebrate commercial holidays. But that didn’t stop me from doing a little something special for her. We had to celebrate last night due to her work schedule, but she was very happy with what I did. It didn’t cost a ton of money, and it showed her I care. And I show her I care quite often with notes, cards, e-cards and little e-mails letting her know I’m thinking of her.

I’m a bit reluctant to post what I did because I’m sure I’ll get some hell from some of you, but maybe this will give you some good ideas. I found a heart-shaped wire basket that was wrapped with red lace. I filled it with rose petals and some candles. I made a variety of “gift certificates” that she could redeem for a variety of things: Movie of her choice, Romantic dinner, Massage, Picnic, and many more. I also found some custom construction paper that had little hearts imprinted and I cut them into large hearts and put various messages on them along with some heart and rose stickers. I did something like: “This is for my mind, which “U” are always on.” And I did a couple others like that. I also bought her some Matchbox import race cars (celica, nissan skyline, etc) because she is into import racing. I attached a heart-shaped note that said that I couldn’t buy her a car, but if I could, I would. And I hoped that these sporty little imports would hold her over. And I gave her a single rose in a vase. Because we celebrated early, I didn’t have time to finish the basket. There are two things that were missing that she’ll get tonight. I’m getting her a “honey bear” (bear-shaped honey jar), and I’m going to attach a note that says, “You’re so sweet, will you bee mine?” I’ll also get her a small box of chocolates. And to set the mood, she’ll walk into the bedroom with candles lit and a trail of rose petals leading to the bed.

She was extremely grateful for what I did. She even showed everything to my roommate. And my roommate loved it too! They decided that we need to find my roommate a boyfriend like me, who will do little things like that.

So just remember that there are many little things you can do for your significant other that don’t require you to spend a lot of money or do all the “typical” Valentine’s stuff. Just use a little creativity.

Nate - GREAT JOB!!! Thoughtful, inexpensive and creative. (and MAJOR ‘I have the world’s most awesome guy’ bragging for her!) Rookie - perhaps people who only do nice things for their sig on one day of the year need to think about how lucky they are to be with someone and treat that person better. Personally, I am with a great guy, and I let him know how much I appreciate him as often as I can… and he returns the favor. I will do a bit extra for V-day, but even if I didn’t he knows how special he is to me.

Fuck V-day. Just dump the bitch the week before problem solved. haa ahaaa buhaaa haaa. I got the joke unlike some women.

dude you guys suck i mean sure im broke but i got what i wanted for valentines ;~) and new work-out gloves too.

Hey, where does it end? V-Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, not to mention those expected unexpected surprise gifts in between. I should just hand over my friggin’ paycheck to my girl every two weeks. She should come over to my house each night with a mask and hood to make the robbery complete.