A Quote About Libertarians

This is a recent quote from a friend, former chairman of the Maine Libertarian Party, Mark Cenci:

[i]"Think of Libertarians as the Asperger Syndrome people of politics.

They have no social skills and can’t sell wool socks to Eskimos.

It is up to others to sell the policies they’ve figured out are the best.

So everybody remember, Asperger people may be a pain, but they really know their stuff.[/i]"

Thought it was funny, and timely given a recent discussion about Asperger’s in another forum.

According to my mother, who has a master in childhood development along with dealing with these conditions on a daily basis teaching special needs kids, Iâ??m borderline on aspergerâ??s. She says, especially as a kid, I had all the symptoms other than I wasnâ??t quite as bad at social interaction as typical.

I am also a libertarian.

I hope this helps.

I’ve been told I lack tact entirely and that I have the subtlety of an atomic weapon.

And I am a libertarian.

Science should look into this.