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A Quick Posing Video Clip


I had gotten some nasty responses to my pics which I had posted on my Bodybuilding.com bodyspace profile. Most people were cool and encouraging. But few knuckleheads kept on insisting that I had Photoshopped my pics! It snowballed into this out of control thread that was actually pretty entertaining I must admit.

One guy insisted that I take an on the spot pic of myself with a freaking spoon in my hand to prove that I had just snapped it. So I did! And they still insisted I messed with it. Some said I put my head on another body and others thought I just puffed myself up to appear bigger. The only way to shut these idiots up was to post a video clip.

So my buddy happened to have his cam and after our workout, I did a few quick poses. I didn't ant to because I've been on a bulk cycle since early September and have smoothed out quite a bit. I'm now 170 lbs - 12 lbs heavier than in my original pics and my body fat has gone from 8.8 to about 12.5%. I have no tan and no definition! I definitely looked bigger and better at 158! But if I can bulk for another few months then lean down, I hope to be near my goal of being over 160 and close to 6% bf. Here's the BB.com thread and the vid clip.




Nah, you look great. Love the spoon pic by the way.


that thread was hilarious ... thats such BS you had to deal with all those stupid comments. Makes me even happier I found this site rather than BB.com first


wtf are you doing on that site anyway


Hilarious thread. I love how it went from "definitely photoshopped!" pre-pic to "definitely not natural!" post-pic.

You handled it like a pro, man.

And that is a big fucking spoon.

edit: now at the tattoo controversy...bb.com gold right here!


great job 1MR


lol the posing was quite goofy and made me laugh.

jokes aside, looking ripped as fuck! i watched the vid before i read your post and was very suprised to read that you only way 170. definatly looking alot bigger than what your weighting in at. great job and keep it up.

do you compete or just do it for a lifestyle?
cuz u should definatly get into competing you'd kill it in that weight devision, a little bigger on the hamstrings and you'd be hitting gold no doubt.


My god I read all of that. That post makes me so glad I found this T-Nation before any other bodybuilding site. A good 90% of the people in that thread should be killed so they can't spread there DNA on to another generation.


lol..yes i had a feeling sharing that thread would be a great source of entertainment! and thanks for all of your positive feedback. and yes my posing was totally awful! lol but i was so freaking wiped from my workout!

and no i have no plans to compete anytime soon. as you can plainly see in the vid, my lower half has got quite a bit of catching up to do. hopefully in a few years i'll be more evened out. until then, it's just for me that i do it. i just love training and the lifestyle and it keeps me out of trouble!


A lot of fools that don't understand high tech mirrors on that thread. What a joke.

You look awesome.