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A Quick Hello From England

[quote]bigslickmelter wrote:
Yes I had also considered the knee wraps. When I used to wear a belt and squat 110-120Kg I always found myself fixating on my quivering knees in the mirror as I squatted. Almost as if I was just waiting for them to explode!
Oddly I shunned the belt taking the logic that its better to lift a lighter weight with better form. It was only last week when I read an article on this site on bulgarian split squats that the lower back penny dropped so to speak![/quote]

I would get a pair and try them.

An example of the benefits; a year ago I was squatting 130kg x 5, my last leg session the bb back squat portion was 100kgx20, 120x12, 140x8 and then a dropset. All reps were constant tension, non-lockout, piston-like reps atg. Because I had my wraps on nice and tight the only weak link was my lower back getting a bit of an uncomfortable pump. The wraps don’t exactly make things any easier they just make everything seem more secure and focus most of the stress onto the target muscles, in my case outer quads, rather than the knee joint.

I will for sure but first I will just use the belt and work up to 100Kg for say 15 and perhaps get the wraps when I wanna try 120Kg again. Could be a while though as I am cutting at the moment and want to get to sub 8% bodyfat before I increase my calories and concentrate on gaining. still a long way to go.

Hi, Toby. Did you know you’re qualified to post in the Over 35 section? We’ve got a couple of Brits over there.

Re: quivering knees. I’m being trained by powerlifters and they tell me to push knees apart as hard as possible when squatting. It works - tenses hips and makes the lift smooth.