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A quick EDT question..

whats more important in EDT, intensity (%1RM) or volume(total reps within time limit)? if your first workout is with light weight and you consiquently get higher reps(say all sets of like 3,4, or 5 reps), then youve just set up the remainder of the cycle to work around that same rep range. anyways, you can see how what you do in the first workouts are crucial…so what do you do? a weight that gets you doing singles at the end of the 20 minutes, a particular %1RM, or what weight gets you within a certain rep range…?
im sure anyone using EDT has these same types of concerns.
thanks- Justin

i usually pick a weight i can do for 10-12 reps, then just do 5 reps for the whole workout, if you’re doing it right, those 5 reps get really tough to complete during the last minutes. The first workout will kind of feel like a waste if you don’t hit the weight right on, but don’t worry about it, you’ll know better the next workout… it’s tough.

You want to use a weight where the first sets you get are around 5-6 reps and where the last sets are around 3-4 reps. You should be ending up with singles on your last sets if your goal is hypertrophy. I asked Charles Staley this question a few weeks ago in his guest form and he said that you should be getting around 50-65 reps per exercise per 15 minute rep bracket. In other words you should be getting at least 200-250 total reps for the whole workout. If you are getting more than it is too light or if you are getting less than this than it’s too heavy. Hope this helps.

what about rep ranges for the 20 minute zones like in the 1st EDT article. i dont think its necesarilly 25% more reps just because its 25% more time.
sorry to be picky guys. i just dont want to feel like im wasting my time by doing this incorrectly.
and when do you guys decide to drop the reps in the next set? for example 5 to 4. just when you feel like 5 would be at or too close to failure, you terminate the set?
i imagine once you play around with this for a while you’ll find more and more ways to maximize the volume(or density) within the PRzones. what are some other things ya’ll have come up with?

Sorry, my post was meant for the 20 minute rep bracket. And you should stop one rep before failure.


The beauty of EDT is it is a self correcting system. I think Charles specifically doesn’t talk about total target reps with any real specificity on purpose because the system is self correcting. the numbers that he does give I think are just what is seen from his experience with trainees, nothing more.

you drop reps as soon as you can barely complete the 5th rep(assuming 5 reps sets). you would drop to 3. You are supposed to specifically drop the reps by that much(not just from 5 to 4 for example) becuase you are specifically trying to avoid failure(or even NEAR failure and thus minimize fatigue) which allows you to maximize reps for the given weight you are lifting.

to wit, by minimizing fatigue, you are able to produce maximal force for the given reps you are executing, and with EDT, maximal force over time is the the whole ball of wax.

I could have it all wrong though, which is often the case with me…

hope this helps.


thanks for the words guys. last thought: rep speed and EDT?

The weight is to be lowered under control and lifted exposively.

thanks…i apologize for asking a question that you had allready answered.