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A Quick Buzz

Alright, I’m gettin’ ready to go get my club on. I never get hammered, but tonight I do want a mild buzz just to get me in the spirit of thangs. You know. Anyway, what would be the most diet friendly shot a man could get? I figure 2 quick shots of 100 proof Vodka should do it. What do you think? I want something with no crap cals such as sugar, like a mixed drink, but something stout. Obviously hard liquor, but what kind?


2 shots of 151, chased by a mich lite/ultra whatever, the 151 will hit you fast, and the beer will draw the effect out. Beer before liquor never been sicker…

Tha hellz 151?

Hey, Paranoid. I’m not really an expert in the “getting hammered” department, but I AM an expert in the SEARCH BUTTON department. (grin)

Try doing a search on “liquor,” “vodka,” or “drinking.” It’s beeen discussed in the past.

Have a good time, and as long as you’re not driving, have a drink for me!

oooooweee you dont know what 151 is? Go up to the 'tender ask him for a shot of prairefire, 151 and tobasco…try it…trust me, oh ya 151 is the proof.

A vodka shot has 60 cals, the rest are higher.

i like vodka. you could do tequila or a few others though

What do you think alcohol is?

Vodka has 7 times the calorie-density of Coke Classic. Your typical shot has 120 calories. It's ALL sugar, and the higher the proof, the more you can expect.

In reference to the original question. If you're a big guy, shoot for 3 or 4.


why not drink like a normal person a get some martinis in ya, or whisky and water, vodka soda, gin & tonic… or of course you could just do absenth (sic) as diirty little shots.
i remmeber one night drinking ron rico (151) with tabasco shots with joy enricez or whatever that singers name is and we got fucked up Hahahaha. any way all of these are low cal and get ya in the mood pretty quik!

Johnny Walker Black on the rocks or if you can find this Wiskey I believe its called Booker.

Last night’s report: not good. Still haven’t slept. 5 shots vodka, 2 mich ultras. I was fitshaced. All within 45 minutes mind you. But damn, it was fun. Second time ever being drunk and now a junior in college. I would not have done it though if it had not been for my hot date, who also got hammered. She’s so fine guys…damn. You just got to see what I’m talking about here. Girls make you do some funny shit. Thanks all. Next time 3 shots should be fine.

Yeh, I felt exactly the same way here. It was only discussed a couple of weeks ago wasn’t it? Never ceasing to be amazed, SRS :slight_smile:

"It’s ALL sugar, and the higher the proof, the more you can expect. " WRONG. It’s all ALCOHOL.

Well, there’s sugar in alot of liquors. most. Molasses in whiskey ect ect. So they ahve more cals, 100 or so per shot. Vodka and such has less, therefore its cals come only from alcohol, and it has about 60 cals in a shot.


Alcohol is fermented sugar. Calories don't disappear with this breakdown.


Sounds like you are asking which hurts more, to be stabbed or shot. I would go with something with carbonation in it, like Jack and Coke. The fizz will speed up gastric emptying and process the liquor faster I would think.

sugar is a carbohydrate, and a gram of sugar has 4 kcal. alcohol has 7kcal per gram.

Cocaine has no calories and will increase your metabolism.

Awesome man! Where do you get this “cocaine” stuff? Sounds great. Thanks again. :wink: