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A quick 4-AD-EC clarification

I’ve read some conflicting opinions reguarding the max cycle time of 4ADEC, assuming a Tribex follow-up, and the optimal dosage. I know the recomendations are 2weeks x 1.5 cap-fulls a day, w/ two doses on the first day. BUT, is this what most of the forum goes by? I have two bottles of 4ADEC and two of the Tribex. In other words, what is optimal here?



it depends on a lot of things. first, are you trying to bulk or cut? it you are trying to cut than a longer cycle would probably be more effective. if you are trying to put on some weight, a couple of shorter cycles might be the better option. what type of workouts will you be doing? are you doing a certain program? is strength your primary goal? tell us a little more about what your goals are and we can probably help you out more. Right now i just started a 10 week cycle of 4ADEC and am hoping for some steady gains while on ian kings 12 week programs. i also am hoping for some good strength gains. i’m not eating rediculous amounts of food like i would on a shorter mag10 cycle, but i am keeping my calories a few hundred more than i would on a bulking cycle without the 4adec. hopefully i will be able to maximaize my muscle to fat gain ratio with the 4adec as an aid.

Well, if you read the description on the biotest website, it says that you can use it up to 8 weeks without side effects. I wouldn’t even worry about using tribex unless you were using the 4adec back to back, and then I would think one bottle would be sufficient. I’d do the two bottles or 4adec,followed by a bottle of tribex, training hard while on the 4adec, and toning back some on the tribex. Of course, I’m just theorizing here, not speaking from experience, but it looked like you wanted someone’s viewpoint.

I’m on my 1st week of a 4ADEC cycle. Searched through the forum but didn’t see a whole lot of info – I even posted a question about Mag-10 vs. 4ADEC, but got no response.

Here’s some info that I did get from searching around T-mag. 4ADEC is minimally suppressive to T-levels, so extended cycles are OK (even 8 weeks +). Tribex afterwards may help, but is not necessary.

About optimal dosage – here is some info from Bill Roberts which he posted on the “Steroids” board:

Bill Roberts (2002-09-13 22:55:40 1953936465)

As with MAG-10 also, sometimes 1.5 or two doses per day works better with 4-AD-EC than one dose. Whether the difference is substantial will depend on the person. I wish I could give a more useful answer than that, but it’s how it is.

You answered your own question, as did many previous threads.

You are likely thinking of Mag-10. With Mag, you’re only supposed to do 2 weeks on, 2 off a total of 8 weeks for maximum benefit and retention of mass.

4-AD-EC was designed to be a less potent Pro-Steroid, one which could be used for greater periods of time. I believe 8 weeks at a full does, followed by Tribex is generally recommended. I would check the Biotest website for more information.

Thanks guys. Got it. I’m trying to lean out w/ it.