A Question That Won't Get Answered

So I’m ready to replenish my supply of heavenly Grow! bars. However, after the last surprise attack from the new flavors of Low-Carb Grow! protein powders, I’m slightly hesitant.

Have there been any murmors on the rumor mill about a new flavor of Grow! Bars being unleashed on us soon? Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity to get one started?

I know it was some months ago that T-Nation ran their “Next flavor for the Grow! Bars poll”…


Yes, read the TC’s article on the State of T-Nation.

But it’s also said the new flavor won’t be here right away. No idea when it will finall make its debut.

I asked the same question a few weeks back. I think peanut butter/chocolate is the next flavor to be produced, but no news on the release date.


i really dont like chocolate, im hopin’ is vinillia or strawberry

Why would you ask a question that wouldn’t be answered?

just order them… If you eat only 1 a day (which is easy for me to do) then you can get the next flavor in 1 short month.