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A question on dietary fiber! (this is for you tampa terry)

Hey Terry

You said to subtract the fiber grams from my total carb intake. Why is this recommended? Are these considered non impact carbs? Oh and by the way I am now down to 237 since the last time I posted. Thats about a pound a day I am losing! I am sure its glycogen and water but hey it something! Next week I am going to start double dosing the mag 10. Do you think I should raise my carbs up over the 120 gram limit as it says in the steroid dieting article?

I want to use MAG10 for the purpose of being able to drop my calories even further and not lose strength. When I diet this strict I always hit a wall where I can’t go any farther, hopefully the MAG10 will help me break through that wall.
So in a nutshell I want to do what BJJraver did ( as far as transformation), since I am basically doing it for the same reason (except with less time - no I am expecting to drop 37 pounds). My sport of choice is boxing and I have fight coming up the day after thanksgiving. I want to weigh in no more than 225, this will actually be lightest weight I have ever fought at and I hope to reap the benefits of increased endurance because of the weight loss . Also like I have said in the past I have used MAG10 before and no product since then has ever been rivaled to bring about definition or fat loss in my body.


Hey, there, BAM.

Fiber goes through you without providing any energy or calories. So you’re right about the fact that we’re tracking the carbs that “count”; i.e., the carbs that affect blood sugar, insulin and glycogen and fat storage.

The reaon I recommend it? (grin) Because it means you can squeeze in a few more carbs when you’re restricting carb intake. The carbs in broccoli, as an example, are almost half fiber. You get a lot more broccoli if you subtract fiber.

Congrats on the weight loss, by the way!!!

When restricting carbs, people typically lose 10-12 pounds the first two weeks. You’re using up glycogen stores. And remember, for every unit of glycogen stored in the muscle, there are roughly 3 units of water stored with it. Carb restricted diets are highly diuretic.

Considering that boxing is extremely glycogen demanding, be sure to carb up PWO on any day you start feeling “weak.” You won’t be able to keep performance up otherwise. Be sure to limit fat in carb-up meals.

Don’t forget to get in your high-dose fish oil (6-10g EPA/DHA). Great for brain function, anti-inflammatory, good for the heart and joints, increases endurance and stamina.

Jump on the Mag-10. Stick with your current carb intake (carbing up when energy levels suffer). And keep me updated, please. You’re doing great!!!

Questions? Thoughts, anyone? Any other fighters out there?

Just wanted to add that T.T. is right,while on the mag10 dont add more carbs since you are not bulking

BAM, re wanting to see your abs, do a search on the forum for LipoDerm-Y. It’s an effective product on a carb restricted diet.

I was reading the other day that depleting carbs to make weight and supercompensating the day of the fight doesn’t bring you in as strong as you would have been otherwise. Supercompensation is a move of desperation. Accept your weight, whatever it is, the week before the fight, rest and start integrating quality carbs back into your diet.

Just food for thought, since I know you don’t have a lot of time before your fight.

Oh, and don’t forget your PowerDrive!!! (grin)

Subtracting all your fiber grams is NOT correct. Fiber does not go through you without providing any calories or energy. You should subtract HALF your fiber grams because it’s not true that NONE of the dietary fiber is digested. Some if it is … it’s fermented by colonic bacteria to make short chain fatty acids which contribute energy to the body.