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A Question of Style

Some of you may not think that a question like this belongs here but I do. So here it is. How does a bodybuilder in a professional job go about dressing in a way that is comfortable and stylish. Also what do you recomend for weekend dress, I know that jogging pants aren’t the best thing to wear out to dinner with the woman. Off the rack suits are not made with this type of guy in mind and there are those of us that can’t afford a tailored suit. What does everone suggest? I’m not big enough that I need be too worried about these problems yet, but I do plan to be having these problems in the next few years. Let me know what you all think.

Good question. I can see your planning ahead. Great!

I wear dress shirts almost exclusively. Polo shirts sort of cling to the body and will show your muscularity. As far as suits, it doesn’t take much muscle to exclude you from any off the rack suit. Some dept stores like JC Penny, sell matching pants/jacket seperately so you can get a good fit. Leg room isn’t the problem it used to be. Finally, the Levis 560 style jean has a lot of leg room but still is narrow at the ankle so it doen’t look “gansterish”. It’s alot easier to find good fitting clothes now than it was 10 years ago believe me.

So, I hope you're forced to buy a new wardrobe soon.

PS. Why is it that most bodybuilder dress like clowns?

Hey Alex, thanks for the insight.

And as far as the clowns go, I’m not sure but that is exactly what I want to avoid!

I like Levi’s 570 better. I can’t seem to fit into the 560.