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A Question of Progression


Not sure where to post this,

So tonight i was having trouble with the last work set of almost every exercise. I couldn't even match the same weight as i did last week on the same workout. I had to drop 20-30 lbs to get out the last set.
As far as sleeping, i know last week i didn't get a lot of sleep, but i hope that one rocky week wouldn't have the much of an impact. Maybe it has
Ive been eating regularly about 5-6 meals a day. Last week, probably more like 5 than 6. What other information is needed to get some decent advice on how to keep progressing.

Thanks in advance


Just know that sometimes you have off days or even a week. If it happens for too long of a time, add more food or sleep.


Off days happen to the best of us....Did you hit PRs on other exercises? If so, sometimes a new, heavier weight on a previous exercise could effect how much you lift on the remaining exercises...


Well i did, but it was on my front shrugs, which i did after the inclines. So i felt it wasnt related to the previous incline or later dips being affected. I dunno, maybe it was legs day on tuesday, but i did have a rest day yesterday. But ya, maybe it was just an off day. If this happens again next week and i am unable to either a) repeat the previous weight or b)unable to beat the previous amount if i can rule out sleep or food, should i deload, that was another suggestion ive heard.


If it's not sleep, or food, I'd drop the exercise, pick a substitute and come back to it at a later date. However, one bad workout is nothing to worry about, look at it in perspective, if the majority of your workouts are good workouts, you will be better come this time next year, everyone is going to have off days. Now if you are having more shitty workouts than good workouts, something is very wrong and you need to reavuluate your training, nutrition and recovery.


I'm just curious, and very serious...

Please provide a sample meal normally throughout the day?

I don't know if your "5-6 meals a day" mean diced chicken witn tomatoes and some fish oil caps or beef and sweet potatoes.


If I sense this type of day coming, I will just lower the weights, focus on technique, and make sure not to miss reps. (essentially deload)

Every time I've done this, the next session my strength is back to normal and PRs. The key is just mindset and trust that you haven't really lost 20 lbs of strength overnight


Either that or stop the workout