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A Question of Oils


I see that some have a preferance of some oils in home brew over others. Some like to mix oils. I have seen that Bill Roberts in the past has recommended Wesson canola oil. I was planning on using only grape seed oil for a test P and Finiplex brew. Is there any reason why some mix or use one over another?


Grapeseed oil works great. So does canola or soybean oil. In fact, pretty well any highly processed, edible oil is suitable for suspension and injection. Grapeseed oil tends to give most final products a slight greenish hue. If you don't mind that, then no worries. I like the lower viscosity of grapeseed oil, but canola and soybean oil are pretty thin, too, and there's not much real difference in the end.

Store-bought stuff works exactly the same as the research chem stuff. so don't waste your money there.

As long as you are filtering everything properly you will be fine.

Have fun!


I'm not a pharmacologist,nor have I ever home brewed, but wondering: is there any reason that a typically orally administered drug can't be made injectable?

For instance: lets say I figure out that for me, my "perfect cycle" is 75mg/day TP, 50/day TA, 25mg Dbol, and .5mg adex. Could I make a bottle of 150.5mg/ml "cycle in a bottle"?

I know Dbol is injectable, but any reason the adex can't be? What about peptides/HCG?


I don't know if adex can be injected or not. If I had to guess, I'd say that it probably can, in theory, but regardless, one definitely wouldn't want to inject an unpurified adex solution / suspension that came from a research chemical company. Risk of toxicity seems far too high, imo. All sorts of crap is liable to be in there, some of it to make the adex soluble, some just because things weren't handled in a particularly sterile fashion.

You wouldn't be able to pre-mix peptides and hCG in an oil-based mixture. They probably wouldn't be soluble, even in the short-term, but more importantly, they almost certainly wouldn't be stable, and thus they'd become denatured and / or otherwise lose their bioactivity.

Maybe someone has some counter examples, though :wink:


There are injectable dbol solutions, just like winstrol. I think there is even an injectable anadrol. It can be done, but it is more complicated than most hormone powders, involving more solvents and more exact ratios.

Mixing them further with other compounds would further complicate this process, which is probably why you never see them offered. Too specific and too much hassle to make in order to be worth the trouble and profit for the maker.

As far as adex, if you were able to mix it along with all of the other compounds you intended to shoot, then what would you do when you needed more or less of it? You'd be stuck with the predetermined ratio the compound had been created with. No good.


Ethyl Oleate has been a godsend for me. I typically do 50/50 EO and grapeseed oil. Lets me make completely pain-free preparations at very high concentrations. If it weren't for my calendar I honestly couldn't tell you which sites I hit most recently, because there is absolutely no soreness*. It also flies through just about any gauge needle.

Every once in a while I read about someone having a strange reaction to EO, but I've been using it for years and it has worked great for me.

*With the exception of my first VG injection a few nights ago. Had a couple days of soreness. Wasn't the kind of soreness you'd get from a harsh preparation though. I hope I landmarked the site properly.


Peptides ARE injected.

No- not any drug can be injected, and not all drugs that can be injected can be injected by any means.

So for example oils cannot be injected IV, nor can IGF. But both can be SC and IM.
Cocaine can be injected IV but not IM or SC.
Codeine can not be injected at all.

Of course these aren't all AAS but it clearly answers your question.

It also boils down to - why would you?

With drugs like Dbol or Drol, the efficacy is so good, the bio-availability so high - that there is simply no need to be slamming needles into your body, as they will pass the liver regardless.

IMO whether Adex can be injected or not (i am not sure i would guess not) why would you?



Why is a good question.

My thought is that if you're running an oral, you're probably running an injectable alongside it, so you're not adding any injections (assuming short ester compound). Injecting would avoid first pass through liver, somewhat reducing liver toxicity, correct? Also, I'm not thinking for any sort of mass marketing, just if I know that for ME, a certain combination of drugs is what I want, I mix it all together, shoot it in the morning and be done with it. If adex or letro or I forget the other AI off top of head isn't injectable, then that's just what it is, and that's pretty much end of discussion.


Yeesh! I wasn't talking about injecting some weird research chem concoction! I'm crazy, not stupid! I was thinking of powder being dissolved/suspended in oil with AAS. Good lookin' out though!


Yes, arimidex can be made injectable. Years ago there was a very popular UGL that produced what it would call its "dry" line, preparations that included adex. At the end of the day it turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, because as Cortes has already pointed out it results in reduced flexibility wrt dosing.




Sorry bro. It was your custom blend that got me thinking.


Haha, it did head off on quite a tangent. Moriarty's comment about going 50% EO was a good one. Those GSO:EO blends are ridiculously smooth to pin (I don't make my own... just sample the wares of others :slight_smile: .)


Its all good. I was just havin fun! Now back to the Q at hand. When using EO in a brew it with the 50/50 method do you add it to the recipe as it were just oil? IE... brew requires 20ml oil. use 10ml grapeseed oil and 10ml EO????????




You don't use 20ml of oil in a 20ml recipe... :confused:


Yes I understand that Brook I was just using 20ml as an example.


Technically he said "[a] brew [that] requires 20ml oil", not "a 20 ml recipe", so there's really no error on his part.


Hmm.. maybe baby.

We'll see.


So this thread has gone from my hijack, to an argument over grammar used when describing recipes....