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A question for those who coach and teach high school

How do you continue to train during your sport season? Ive been thinking about this lately. I want to be able to spend time with my family some and I also want to be able to still compete in powerlifting after i have a job and a family. I figure i can move two of my days to saturday and sunday because of off days for practice and thursday because its usually the easy practice day for football. That would leave me trying to lift only once during the hectic part of the week. Is there anybody in this situation now that might be able to give me some insight into this?

My strength-wrestling coach at my high school was a competitive powerlifter and he would train before school started. And I also read some where on the internet that Brent Micksell is a middle school teacher and he does the same, trains before school starts…Hope this helps Big martin

So Cassandra is already given the “yes” to having kids?

You nailed it already. Switch it to off coaching days, and try to stuff the other days into lighter duty ones. Just don’t be too rigid on exact days since that will become a stressor.

You also will have to adapt to working out at different times most likely, or just up and going when you get the chance.

Really depends on how “heavy” you commit yourself to coaching/family/whatnot. Ie along with coaching will you have to teach school classes, how long your commute is, how big of a family and so on.

try to get your prep period arranged so that it is before or follows your lunch. that will give you a cool 1.5 hours to train. just an option.

Most of them work out before school. In season, you’ll be lucky to get home by 9 (if you are at a school with a serious program). That doesn’t leave much quality family time. Saturdays are probably an off day from lifting because you will usually be up very late Friday nights and up very early to watch films and start on the next weeks gameplan.

It will happen. One of my friends is on the local football staff and works around the schedule. Just recently a few of us decided to use my office as a home base for a club situation.
Right now my schedule was mon- thur, mainly because of a friendfs schedule. He’s going to be a college freshmen so we worked around his work schedule.
Next week he’s at school, I’m on vacation, so the schedule changes. Think of all the goodies you can get for your local high school if you become Dale Carnegie man. I got my toys over 10-15 years. You might bea ble to get them a little sooner if you have a booster club that sees the point of working out.

In, session I would focus on the skill of the position then weight training.

Skill is highly important during the session.

Get up earlier!

Around here we have block scheduling which leaves you teaching 3 1.5 hour classes per day and a similar timed planning period. I was thinking i could get in a session then at the school but i dont know how the school looks upon that. I really really really hate training in the morning.

Goldberg- first off, your first year is going to be pretty hectic, what with trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing in the classroom and on the field, so you may find that you have to make some adjustments. I’ve been doing the teaching/coaching bit for eight years, and I’ve found that working out before school tended to be the best answer, but I still have to be really flexible. Some days, I wind up doing mini-workouts in between classes, conference periods, before and after school. As the lowest guy on the totem pole, you’ll probably wind up with a bunch of extra duties, as well. One thing that you may be able to do is convince the head coach to start a powerlifting team, and coach that. That way, you can workout while the kids do. And you can order all that cool equipment from Dave Tate without having to pay for it yourself!! Any more questions, and I’ll be glad to answer them, you’ve done a ton of stuff for the rest of us in the Westside threads!!

One thing I want to add before I go and change my screen name. I am NOT the troll who was tracking CT around the 'net and bashing him. It was a bit of a shock to see people who I have had good interactions on these forums with start slagging me off. then I discovered the reason. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks Paul. How does your principal feel about lifting during your planning time? Im gonna be teaching PE so ill be in the right area.

How to put it? What he doesn’t know … It all depends on your principal. As long as you’re doing your job, and doing it well, what’s the problem? But there will always be some anal-retentive types who frown on anything “outside the norm”. I actually train after my girls have finished their workouts and are having their study hall. In Texas, we have to give our athletes a certain amount of study hall time each day, and that’s when I get my main lifts in. The supplemental work I do after school. How Georgia does it may be different. Just play around with it and find what works. Like I said, the first year is mostly adjusting to the job.

Paul be sure to let us know your new handle before you change it. I know my dad would always go read the paper during his planning time. If i can lift then it would be perfect. Hopefully that will be the case.

Goldberg, i think that you could still fit in time to get your workouts in as long as you are somewhere near a gym. Instead of doing a full hour or so, try to for example on dynamic day do your dynamic squats early in the day which with set up etc may take 20min or less, and then later when you have time do your accessory work, i have had to resort to this before and it works well.

Man goldberg you are gonna really shock them teens with your weights used.

Most teens are into the bicep curls/benching/leg press routine, and then you show up with the westside stuff…lolol

Thinking about it I wish I had someone in my school doing that. Would have been great to have a role model like that, or at least someone to set us straight. Almost nobody seriously touched the squat racks in our school, only a few people. Rest of us just did wimpy weights in them for class requirements, everyone was scared of them and the injury potential from doing it all wrong.
I will say though our football coach made sure we did clean & jerks and snatches. We had a nice area set up for those, had the rubber weights and 2 bars with the space needed.

Goldberg are you starting teaching this semester, or do you still have to finish college first?

Im finishing up this year and will hopefully be teaching and coaching next fall.

I’ve taught and coached football/track for 6 years. I lift on T/TH/S/S. You’re right on track with taking advantage of weekend hours. I do chest/back on Sat. and legs on Sun. These are the core of my routine, so I want to be fresh and have plenty of time for them.

One practice a week will be a pre-game, shortened practice (Th. for me), so take advantage of that and get in the gym right afterwords.

The 4th day would be the day that is a full day of practice and work. Place your quickest workout on that day and get in and out of the gym in 30-45 minutes. This will be a longer day than the rest, but the sacrifice will be worth it.

I see you do westside training, so your workout is a little different than what I’m doing (OVT), but you can adapt and balance everything you’ve got going on.

One more thing on teaching & coaching: if you don’t already have one, buy a small refrigerator (college dorm size) to store your water, protein, food to keep fueling your body.

i was either gonna do that or i have a cooler i take to meets that can hold alot. thats what im gonna use during my student teaching