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A Question For The T-Vixens


Hey all you T-Vixens, I have a question for you. I know every T-Man forbids wearing gloves while working out; but what do you ladies prefer? a T-Man with heavily calliced hands or a man that wears gloves with smooth, soft hands. I know we T-Men hold our heavily calliced hands as a trophy, or proof if you will, of years and years of dedication and effort in the gym. The question is, what do you T-Vixens prefer? just curious.



A better question is how many T-Vixens are going to the Test-Fest in Washington D.C. on January 14th....

But thats a whole other thread I guess...


Hey beefster,

I love a working man's hand..so the heavily calloused look is fine for me.


I wouldn't hold it against anyone if they trained with gloves, but would definitely promote the sans-glove look.

I train without gloves, and I LOVE my callouses. They're my battle scars, and also a great screening mechanism.. if a guy holds my hand for the first time and jumps back at a little roughness - it's probably an indication that he's DEFinitely not ready for all of the T-Vixen that comes with.

Most guys (or anyone) who trains hard can identify it as an indicator of crazy strength and discipline.. And so - recognizing that in a guy?

Now THAT's hot.


I wear gloves.

(waits for everyone to stop laughing)

When I lift without them it tears the calluses off my hands that I built up drumming, and I want to keep those just the way they are. If I don't I'll have to tape my fingers which greatly effects my speed and power(behind the kit). It ain't easy being a rock star;)


I always wear gloves...Why the hell would I want torn up hands? When you're doing dead lifts, stiff-leg deads, curls, pull ups etc... there is too mhc potential for ripping your hands to shreds. No thank you. My GF likes nice hands anyway.


I don't mind rough hands on a man. My husband is in construction and his are the hands of a hard-working man. Big, rough, meaty paws are kind of hot, actually. :wink:

I wear gloves when I lift and I still have developed some respectable callouses myself. I don't really like them, but I'll gladly keep them in exchange for what deadlifts have done for my backside!


well, ive built some some callouses from labouring and weightlifting and i have to manage them. This is done via a Razor and simple rubbing my hands together when in the tub nice and hard - keeps them smoothish as having a callous ripped off when im snatching my kettlebell is not clever or much fun.


Calloused hands?

If she's really a T-Vixen, she'll understand...

...and have some herself :slight_smile:


Ah...my kind of lady!


I like lifting without gloves (i used to lift with gloves) because i feel like i have a better feel for the weights. like the weight is actually in your hand.


He better have callices!

Personally, if I saw a guy lifting with gloves on, I'd run (the other way).


The glove-no-glove controversy again.

I just find it amusing how people define their own worth and sexuality on whether on not they have callouses.


If you wear gloves I think you are one big faggot!


So that's why you're always chatting up those glove-wearing hunks! Mystery... solved!


Might be a record setter for the use of "T-Man" in one post.


Ronnie Coleman wears gloves.


I personally prefer soft fingers/hands....especially where it really matters!!...which is why we both wear gloves to lift...:wink:



Of course T-Vixens are going to want calloused hands, the question is, what does the overall public want?

And the truth is, it's one of those things that can go either way, and you should do it whichever way makes YOU feel more comfortable.

I will say this though, heavily damaged hands are a no-no. If it gets to the point that your hands are grotesque, then no one will like that.


It don't matter, babe...whatever makes you buff- gloves, no gloves, callouses, no callouses- just train!