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A question for the Geared Ones...


Issues aside, I box squat kinda wide (I don't free squat, tendon issue) and I pull sumo, feet about 6 inches from plates. My question is what will help keep my hips from killin me.


I find these tend to help.



If you go with the groove briefs go like ten thousand sizes bigger that what Inzer's chart recommends, lol.

I would highly recommend a pair of Metal Pro briefs, you can get them a size big and they will be easy to go on, easy to break in, and easy to learn the groove. They will definitely keep your hips from hurting. Pricey, but they are on sale pretty often, and really just a superior product.


if you are just training for yourself or plan on competing raw, look for a pair of used ernie frantz briefs. they are no where as supportive as the metal briefs but will provide enough support to save your hips. mine go on in two seconds and i can squat below parallel with just body weight. but when i squat without them, i can fell it the next day.

if you plan on competing with full equipment, look at the metal stuff.


Remember, wide stance (sumo) places more emphasis on hips than lower chain of back, narrow, the opposite. Consider adding in some lower weight reps with mixed stances, this will allow you to continue to stress stubborn quads while giving your hips a break from over training. I've also found bar position drastically alters both the area of emphasis on my quads and lower back so try to alternate it a bit in lower weight range. I still use a go to width and position for heavier lifts. I only lift Raw though so I cant comment on gear.