A Question for the Canadians

Question, Canadian guys – OK, so, you have the Loonie $1 coin, and now the $2 coin, and the $2 bills seem out of circulation. So, how do you tip strippers? Do you have to drop a $5 every time, or do they have a coin slot?

Beer is usually really expensive at those places.

People just usually throw twoonies and loonies at them.

Damn…do they ever get bruised? Those coins can have some heft, especially when drunks at a batchelor party start throwing handfulls…

One thing that some strippers do is they get real close to the edge of the stage, lie down and spread their legs. People then gently toss toonies and loonies at the strippers crotch area maybe trying to get a hole in one. I always thought this to be strange and demeaning but the strippers seem to like doing it.

Where are you planning on visiting?

I’ve never been to a bar where they do that. The ones I’ve been to either have a cover at the door on weekends or expensive drinks. Most of the girls, though, are university girls who just want a summmer job so everyone goes easy on them.

My half-brother is Quebecois, I go to Canada at least twice a year for a month at a time. We seem to never have gotten around to that sort of place, except when he’s in the States, so I was just curious :slight_smile: And he’s out of the country, in Guyana, right now, so I can’t ask him while the question’s on my mind!

It happens at a strip club in the Haliax area. I’ve never seen it done at any other club (not that I’ve been to that many).

Well from my exsperience , You go up onto the stage that the stripper is stripping on and you put a 2 dollar coin just sticking out of the tip of your mouth and the stripper makes her way over and either drives her you know what in your face and takes the coin or she climbs on you and rides you all over for about 30 seconds then takes your coin.

You question brings back memories of a Strip club I visited in the Philippines. There you would put quarters on top of empty beer bottles and the girls would squat down and pick them up. Ever once in a while there would be a contest to see how many quarter a girl could hold (she got to keep what she could hold). Dam, I miss the olden days.

You know where the coin slot is…

Molsonman,are you talking about the “Load of Mischief” in Sackville,or “Ralph’s” in Dartmouth?