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A Question for Law Enforcement


I have read a bit here (and on other boards), about "cops on roids". One good article on this board featured 3 men from different sectors of law enforcement (DEA, Police, etc.)that all used AAS to better themselves in their lines of work. One classic example of a "cop on roids" would be Ronnie Coleman.

What I am wondering is: are cops having a hard time getting their gear now, as well as us? Also, is there any sort of questioning or testing for this in law enforcement (amongst the ranks)? Do cops actually get busted for this sort of thing, or are things swept under the rug to save face?

I would be interested to hear any comments or experiences (especially from those currently in the police force, or retired from it). THANKS


What would make you think Lawmen do not get tested and fired for roids'? Happens often enough to say it's fairly common place in the past 15-20 years. Military too. Many departments include "have you ever used AAS" as part of the drug section on employment apps. as of late. Personally, I think it's moronic. I prefer my emergency service/first responders to be doing a few cycles.

If I'm stuck in a burning structure, I want those people to be able to hump that heavy hose with ease (you have a dirtymind, caught you! j/k). If I'm getting ratpacked by a bunch of goblins, I want some bigass monster jacked-up Cops wading in to save my M.F.'n ass!. Same with Correctional Officers, who should never be at a disadvantage against violence prone cage monkeys. I say all these professionals should be required to train for strength and be allowed, under medical supervision, to use AAS as performance enhancers.

This is street survival, life and death, public safety stuff we are talkin' about here. (Doughnuts out, Protein shakes/ECA stacks in/:wink: If anything, this proves, again, that the politicians in charge do not have your safety in mind and would rather you be a dead statistic than get their politically correct asses in a sling. Don't ignore the fact that AAS have only been illegal a relatively short time, and were considered somewhat of a miracle substance in the medical community prior that. Sound radical?.

Do you want to survive out in this big bad world or be a victim?. There will always be a part of the population that prefer to be sheep. They cant be helped, and I choose not to be one of them, thank you very much...


Copy that, brother...if my life were in danger, I'd rather have a jacked cop savin' my ass instead of a doughnut eating tub o' lard. ^^

But then again, if we had a lot of fit, strong cops, it'd be harder to outrun or outmuscle the bastards...


Your reasoning makes sense, i.e.bigger stronger people can mor efficiently do their jobs. But personally I would never, ever, ever trust my life to that of a random police officer. I graduated with many kids who, in my opinion, were some of the stupidest people I knew. No common sense, no social skills, not able to think off the top of their heads, and just fucking dull. Guess what proffession they chose? The pride and joy of the police department. Sorry, but I just dont buy in to affording cops any luxuries that I dont currently have. The majority of cops would abuse aas in the same way they abuse their authority anyway.


I here stories from a friend of mine who owns a sup. store. He tells me cops ask him all the time where they can get Dbol. So yeah when your thinking cops don't do gear, you are mistaken. Cops are people just like anyone else. They party do drugs, drink, smoke and yeah gear too.


Blacksnake, I agree with your statements totally. I also think that our police and fire forces should be fit, strong and healthy. I think that it would be the only way to do those jobs correctly. If I'm passed out in a burning building, I'm hoping the person charged with "saving" me could deadlift 225 Lbs off the ground.

Having said that, I wonder if it will be tougher for cops to stay in peak physical shape and have that extra edge that AAS will give them. Will we see SWAT teams all over the country "shrinking" for lack of "special sauce". I have also wondered where they get their gear from. I would imagine people would be hesitant to sell to a cop, no matter how cool he may be.

Just some thoughts. . .


Even Cops who are trying benign self HRT are now getting slammed for so-called "steroid abuse"! The hysteria & Witch hunts continue....

Three NYPD suspended for alleged steroid use
Thursday, November 1st 2007, 4:00 AM
Three NYPD cops were suspended Wednesday after they allegedly tested positive for steroid use, sources said.

The three - suspended without pay - were among six officers under investigation for having allegedly purchased steroids from an illegal Brooklyn-Staten Island drug ring. One of the suspended cops - Tab Haynes of the Staten Island task force - allegedly bought a topical steroid cream, as well as injections.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association , said the discipline "smacks of favoritism."

Brooklyn Deputy Chief Michael Marino had earlier admitted he bought a topical steroid cream, with a prescription, from a Brooklyn drugstore under investigation. Marino and a second chief, Deputy Chief Jack Trabitz, voluntarily took drug tests and were cleared by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau.