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A Question about When to Move Up


Hi, I'm a beginner weightlifter. I've read and personally heard that you should try to break PRs when you train.

As I can't lift max possible weight 100% of the time, when should I try to increase it? For example I can snatch 50kg about 60% of the time, should I wait, say, when I can snatch it 80% of the time then I should move up?



One school of thought would be to try to lift as much as possible every time you train. Now obviously you won't hit PRs every time, but the idea is to be putting in maximum effort every time you train.


Well, I don't know, but I heard what is important (especially for beginners) is getting in a high volume of perfect repetitions in order to grease the groove on the movement.

I ramp each session depending on how I feel. When I get to a weight and it doesn't feel perfect after a couple tries then I'll back off a little and work there. Some days I'll get a new max, other days I'll work around 70%. Depends what feels good.


read this.... is by Glenn Pendlay:


If you have any other questions you can ask him here on T-Nation:


Also check out his technique videos here:


Thanks for the links, Neo!

A quote from that article by Glenn:

So it's basically only if a lift is almost perfect then I can make an attempt to increase the weight.


Well I think perfect is the wrong term for a beginner. There are going to be things wrong with your lifting and technique. Solid or comfortable would be better imo :stuck_out_tongue: